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Angel Marquez
2022-05-17 00:16:14

More about: PS5

This time we are back with a guide to PS5 with the objective of explaining to you How to clean PS5.

Why clean the PS5?


Considering what it gets to be exposed to, our console despite having an important cooling system, consisting of a 120mm fan, it is appropriate that there is nothing obstructing it, which requires constant maintenance, in this way the operation will be the optimum for its performance, now looking to be aware of How to clean PS5 there are some things to keep in mind that are going to be presented in the following content, let's see.


How to clean up PS5.


There is a lot to do in terms of How to clean PS5, the different existing methods that allow us to leave it perfect, but there is one of great importance that will lead us to remove the cover to check the inside of this, it is necessary to have microfiber cloths, vacuum cleaner, canned air and brushes to clean, this must be done with the console off and removed from the current, by means of the vacuum cleaner that is of low power it is possible to remove the dust of the ventilation grids, the compressed air or the same vacuum cleaner help to remove the dust even of the ports, in case of going further in How to clean PS5 it is necessary that we remove the plates of the front and to deepen with it the cleaning, for it we will leave the labels of guarantee intact and we consider the following thing:


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  • Deep cleaning: what we will do is to have the console removed from the current, we place it on a surface that is clean and flat, being a table the most suitable option, we will remove the front plate of the PS5 very carefully until it comes out, we will do the same for the other side, in case we see a lot of dust we have to vacuum it gently or we will use compressed air to remove it, if there are areas where the dirt is stuck we can use as to How to clean PS5 a little isopropyl alcohol with a cloth or cotton, in the fins may also have accumulated dust, the last thing will be the larger holes that has in the front the console, in them can accumulate enough dust, at this point is vital vacuum cleaner or compressed air.
  • Keep the dust outside: in some way it will always come to accumulate dust, as for How to clean PS5 what we can do is to keep it reduced, with this the operation of our console will be maintained in the correct way, we will begin with the importance of having it in an optimal place, such as a table, cabinet and rejecting the carpet, that the ventilation grids count with freedom of at least 10 cm for its surroundings, it is in constant verification of the cleaning that comes to require the console and the place where we have it placed, the collectors of the console manage to catch the dust, for this reason it is necessary to give him review when cleaning.
  • Clean the PS5 frequently: it is something necessary to avoid the accumulation of dust as for How to clean PS5, only that to make it deeply the cleaning if we have to remove to the console the frontal plates, but this would not be with the same frequency that with the dust thing, a factor of much importance is our surroundings, that so much dust can be seen, if we are in urbanized area, the ventilation of our house, even if there is air filter, after some months to do the deep cleaning, meanwhile the dust if we can do it with an important frequency to avoid that it accumulates of the same and comes to be affected the console in its operation.

 Finally, now that we know how to clean PS5 we can always keep up to date with the complications that can affect the operation of our PS5.

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