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Failures usually occur in both games and consoles and PS4 is no different, so it is necessary to explain how to fix the blinking blue light.

What is the blinking blue light on PS4?

 This is an inconvenience that we get and that is usually alarming because it usually shows us that the console is not operational, although it is true, it is usually normal for there to be a blue light and then it turns white , knowing How to fix the blinking blue light leads us to focus fully on this blue light because it does not allow the television to see any type of signal, fortunately there is a solution for this problem and that is what we are going to talk to you about.

How to fix blinking blue light on PS4?

This problem occurred more regularly at the beginning of the launch of these consoles and although it is true that this has decreased, it does not mean that it is not present, which makes it necessary to apply one of these solutions:
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Check the HDMI: this is a solution that can favor us because on some occasions this can make the TV unable to receive a signal and therefore the blue light is shown to us.

Choose to update the software: this is another arrangement that can favor us, so there is a high probability that this error usually occurs when we buy a newer television and that can have internet connectivity.

Check the hard drive: this is another action to perform, for this we will only have to turn off the console and disconnect the power cable, then slide the HDD cover out, then take a look at the hard drive so that this is properly inserted in its space.

Check the power supply: this is another favorable fix, for this it is only necessary to press the power button for a few seconds until the console emits two beeps, then we disconnect the power cable and check the AC IN connector.

Choose to reset the controller: this is another solution and for this we will have to press and hold the PS4 button on our controller until the system light can turn orange, then we will keep the PS4 button pressed again until the light that emit is white and thereby achieve a clean start.

 Now that you know how to fix the blinking blue light, you can apply any of these solutions and thus continue enjoying PS4.

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