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How to Setup a PS4 DualShock Controller on PC

2020-01-10 12:30:34

The topic we will have in this guide is PS4 DualShock and for those who need to configure a PS4 DualShock controller in PC it will be covered here.

It is possible that for comfort we want to connect our PS4 DualShock controller to the PC, but for them we have to know how to configure a PS4 DualShock controller in PC, which connects us to the greater facility for those who have the account of games more with the keyboards and the mouse at the time of the games, so we have the content that comes from here in order to have the answers on the matter.

What do we need to know to play with PS4 DualShock control on the PC?

It is important that we know that it is not as easy as we can think, regardless of the games we are going to play, there are 2 options to connect our control, via USB or wireless bluetooth, for all this it is necessary to configure a PS4 DualShock controller on PC and to know more we only have to read the content of this guide.

How to configure a PS4 DualShock controller in PC?

The first thing we have to do is to have the software called DS4 Windows, which has its function to make possible the connection of the PS4 DualShock controller and the equipment together, believing in this case that the equipment interprets that it is an Xbox controller , it is of great importance this software since it is very complicated that the control is recognized by our PC, if we do not play in Steam it is very essential to do this, to do it we can do it of the following form:

  • Follow the path of this link to get the most current version of the software

  • We place it where it was downloaded to our PC, to extract everything

  • We choose where to extract the 2 files that the download brings

  • Open DS4Windows.exe and go to the configuration menu

  • If we are from Windows 8 onwards we have to choose to install the DS4 driver and be in Windows 7 we have to install the 360º drivers

  • That would be it for the connection

How to connect the PS4 DualShock control via USB to the PC?

Already managing to configure a controller PS4 DualShock in PC, it is possible that we play by connection USB, to have installed the software, to connect the cable of load of our suitable control to the port USB, in our PC must say a message of detection of a control, this way we can play the games that are compatible.

What do we have to do to play with PS4 DualShock control by Bluetooth in the PC?

We talked about that when we manage to configure a PS4 DualShock controller in PC, the Bluetooth input in the connection possibilities, only depends on our equipment has that option, to make us have the control, then we press without releasing the central PS button and the Share for about 3 seconds more or less, which will make a light that is on top of the control blink, which means it will be detecting the Bluetooth, now we go to the PC here in the activity center we will look for Bluetooth and then wireless controller, these if it is transmitted correctly, we may have to measure a torque code, if so we will put 0000, with this we should be able to use the control by this way.

What do we have to do to play the games of Steam with a control of PS4 DualShock?

In the case of Steam it is easier to configure a controller PS4 DualShock in PC, since at present all the games are compatible with this control, using anyone of the two previous options it is possible to do it, USB or Bluetooth, to have the software and this will be easy

What about the buttons that still indicate Xbox options when using the PS4 DualShock control?

This usually happens when we are asked to press a button, example use A to jump instead of X, the developers apparently haven't worked on that but it's up to us to make the necessary adjustments to know about the Xbox controller and according to the buttons specified will be the same in PS4 DualShock, we are almost to close the explanation of configuring a PS4 DualShock controller in PC.

What should we do if the PC doesn't recognize the PS4 DualShock driver?

When this happens we must verify the following:

  • Compatibility of the game with the control, since not all of them are

  • Perform general updates of everything, updates, games, operating system, Steam and even the DS4

  • In the case of Bluetooth, make sure the driver is fully charged

With this we have arrived at the end of this explanation of PS4 DualShock and what we have to do to configure a PS4 DualShock controller in PC, we hope it will be very useful for all the readers of this content.

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