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Angel Marquez
2022-02-02 15:22:35

More about: Pokemon Legends Arceus

With our help you will see that knowing how to make heavy balls is easier than you thought in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

What to know about heavy balls in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

  The manufacture of these turns out to be very useful for our searches, in order to create our Pokédex, in order to obtain it, a standard Pokeball is required and it is necessary that we progress until we can have access to its corresponding recipe, now to have the necessary details let's follow the following content.

How to make heavy balls in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

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We have that the recipe corresponding to the heavy balls turns out to be similar to the normal Pokeballs, only that black stones and apricots are required, for the latter we get it easily, now in the case of the black stones everything is a bit more difficult, it should be noted that stealth is ideal with these heavy balls, in some cases the Pokémon get scared, but others can escape, when throwing them against a Pokémon that is not aware of our location we will be caught easily, the problem with these balls it is their weight, so when throwing them we have to try to make an arc as high as we can to compensate for it, as long as we are very close to the Pokémon we will have better options with these heavy balls.

  It is evident that knowing how to make heavy balls allows us to have more fun in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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