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This time we return with a Pokemon Isle of Armor guide  aiming to explain how to Upgrade the Dojo.

 The Pokemon Isle of Armor DLC has a lot to offer us, among many things the updates to the Dojo is one of them, for this purpose we have to focus on the content that will be presented to us on How to Upgrade the Dojo in this explanatory guide, let's see what it is about.

What to know about updating the Dojo in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

The Watss are of vital importance if we want to Upgrade the Dojo, since these will be spending on the different characteristics that we can improve, they can also be used to train our Pokemon and even get objects, to unlock this option it is necessary that we have completed the test 3 of the Dojo, this is where Honey is to the right of the training room, very close to our bedroom, you have to talk to her and so we will use the Watts to get rewards, now let's see How to Upgrade the Dojo and for that reason we will continue the reading .
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    How to Upgrade the Dojo in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

    We have 14 levels to Upgrade, where each of these allows unlocking any reward, event, feature or any other option that has to do with the Dojo, the necks have a cost in Watts and these are the following:


    •  To add a hairdresser to the Dojo you need 5000
    • We add a PC terminal with 10,000
    • Have the PC fixed by 20000
    • Have a vending machine in the Dojo for 30,000
    • Adding soda to the vending machine costs 40,000
    • Add lemonade to vending machine for 50,000
    • In the refrigerator that is in the kitchen we can add ingredients for 100,000
    • For the vending machine we add protein and iron for 200000
    • Add calcium and zinc to the vending machine for 300,000
    • Back to the vending machine we have 400,000 for the HP Up and Carbos
    • For our league card, a Dojo themed fund consumes us 500,000
    • Per Honey's League Card is 800,000
    • Battle against Honey a day for 1,000,000
    • Get a weird league card when you go out with Honey for 3280000.


     Taking into account the previous list presented, it is obvious that we want to gather the Watts as quickly as possible to understand how to Upgrade the Dojo, for this we will speak with Digging Ma, it is a NPC that is dressed as a miner, this is found by the around the armor island, what we will do is give it amorite ore so that it can unearth the Watts, this with some luck will lead to getting thousands for each team, thus achieving better results in general.

    The moment we spend 1,000,000 Watts on Pokemon Isle of Armor, we will unlock the fight against Honey as we mentioned in the previous list, this is once a day, speaking with it we receive the option, this will accompany us to the arena and our 2 We can take Pokemon to Gigantimax, so now we have the equipment that it will use and also its weak points, let's see them below.


    •  Blastoise / Venusaur level 60 (Gigantimax)
    • 60 level Togekiss poison, steel, rock, electricity and ice
    • 60 level Blissey Fight
    • Level 59 Gallade Ghost, Flight, Fairy
    • 58 level Darmanita Gallego Fight, rock, steel and fire
    • 58 level Psychic Salazzle, Rock and Water


     Our ideal choice at the beginning is Bulbasaur or Squirtle, this tells us that it is capable of taking care of the Pokemon that we have not chosen, this refers only to the fact that its last and most powerful Pokemon is Venusauro, it is a Gigantimax, presenting weakness before The Psychics, air, ice and fire, in the case that it is blastoise we have that its weak points are grass and electricity, in which case we should only focus on Rock-type attacks, because at least half of all his team have weaknesses for this type, considering that Blissey's focus is against Pokemon that are rock type, if we beat Honey we won't win anything special, only about 9600 Pokedolars, in addition, we will be able to once a day face it.

     It is evident that knowing how to Upgrade the Dojo allows us to have more fun in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

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