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If you're wondering how to get a Scorbunny Libero on Pokemon Armor Island, this article will be a snap to your finger, because we've already solved it.

What is the Libero Scorbunny in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

It is one of the most anticipated Pokémon among users, it has the ability to allow Scorbunny to change the types according to the type of movement he is using.

How to get a Libero Scorbunny in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Obtaining this Pokémon is quite easy, you can do it when the Isle of Armor DLC is available, when you can obtain Libero Scorbunny using Pokémon Home, simply taking out your Switch and transferring a Pokémon from Sword
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When they are synced, we will have access to the Pokemon Home application on your smartphone and then press the button at the bottom of the screen to open Mystery Gift, then Gift Box.

Click on the gift to access your new Libero Scorbunny and add it to your Pokémon start box.

Back on Switch, they access Pokemon Home and send a Scorbunny to Sword & Shield.

This is all you have to know if you were wondering how to get Libero Scorbunny in Pokemon Isle of Armor, we hope that now that you know you can get a lot out of this Pokemon you can barely get it.

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