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One of the fundamental tasks in Pokemon Isle of Armor is to make the creatures change for this here we explain how to evolve Tangela

What does Pokemon Isle of Armor bring to us?

It is evident that each expansion brings new content, new creatures, more work and a lot of movement, although we are probably faced with the possibility of observing that relatively old creatures have been incorporated here, these are simply very interesting, and allow us the possibility of reliving some memories .

In the particular case, Tangela we will have to choose to teach him the Ancient Power if we really want him to be able to evolve, which represents a fairly complex activity for some players, since the objective is to achieve that he can increase the level to achieve the desired evolution, and to This is possible to apply some interesting methods, because in one way or another it is necessary to know how to evolve Tangela and make it transform into Tangrowth.

How to evolve Tangela in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Evolutions are absolutely nothing new, this is a most normal process by which it needs to happen in Pokémon since this is simply allows them to be stronger, but not for everyone it turns out to be the same and in the particular case of Tangela this occurs with a little more difficulty, since it requires that you learn the Ancient Power and this means reaching level 24, determining what is necessary to achieve it before you can find the movement tutor.

This work of evolving Tangela in Tangrowth is simply arduous, some perhaps choose to catch an evolved variant that is wandering around the island, but this is not the idea, we just feel that we are incomplete for not doing the job, and we will focus Tangela I managed to increase the statistics, choose to perform before teaching him the movements, only it seems that no one has succeeded, because perhaps we have not put all the effort necessary to achieve it.

What can we say about Tangrowth in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

First of all, it is a valuable creature that has been incorporated into this game, since it has very attractive statistics, it has very high physical attack statistics, it can cause damage even when it is taking hits which makes it unique, defeating it can be very difficult, because it has a very strong defensive power against attacks of the Giga Drain or Leech Seed type so attack them.

Now that you know how to evolve Tangela it is a time to do it, although it is complicated it is an excellent replica that is presented in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

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