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A new Pokémon has arrived at Pokémon GO, so stay tuned because today we will tell you how to get Mienfoo.

Who is Mienfoo in Pokémon GO?

He is one of the new characters introduced to the game as a reward in GO Battle League, so from the outset we tell you that you will not be able to find him in nature for now. But don't worry about anything, because we'll tell you how to get Mienfoo.

How to get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO?

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    In order to get the new Pokémon, you will have to position yourself in tundras at a specific GBL level, specifically level 5. So you will have to face other trainers in GO Battle League focused on PvP. Unfortunately, reaching level 5 is not easy at all due to its operation, so we recommend that you continue fighting all month long and obtain the victories to level up in the same way.

    Initially you will be at level 1 to go to 2 you will have to win 5 battles to reach level 2 then you will have to win 3 battles to reach level 3 then 4 to reach level 4, and finally you will have to win 5 more battles to reach level 5 and get Mienfoo.

    Before this Pokémon you will receive Snover, Ariados, Ninetails, Poliwhirl, Machoke and Sableye in levels prior to 5, so you will have to win games in season 8 of the GO Battle League to obtain them until you position yourself at level 5 and finally get Mienfoo, you can use your candies to make this creature evolve Mienshao.

    That's all you have to know about how to get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO, so after you have obtained this creature with our help, we hope that you will be able to get a lot of use out of its abilities.

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