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The action in Pokémon Go does not stop, which leads us to tell you How to teleport.

What to know about teleporting in Pokémon Go?

It is about playing from another country other than where we are, this through the GPS position of our phone, so seeking to be clear about how to teleport, we can consider the following details, let's see them.

How to teleport in Pokémon Go?

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    While we are playing it is not possible to use a VPN, because this is prohibited, in case of doing so we will end up with the account blocked and losing our progress, what we will have left to teleport is the use of the cooldown rules, which restricts the kilometers that we can pass in a certain time, in case of rapid mobility above this rule we will end up blocked automatically and the distance with the recovery time are the following:

    • 1 km 30 seconds
    • 5 km 2 minutes
    • 10 km 6 minutes
    • 25 kilometers 11 minutes
    • 30 kilometers, 14 minutes
    • 65 kilometers 22 minutes
    • 81 kilometers 25 minutes
    • 100 kilometers 35 minutes

    It is important to close the session once we have teleported, this will avoid blocking, for teleportation in iOS we have to install IAnyGo, register to choose the option to change location, we have to connect the mobile to the PC, choosing here the location that we want, the next thing is to log in to play with this new location, in the case of Android it is necessary to disable the high-precision location in the configuration, with this the operation is correct for the application, you have to download Hola VPN and With the function of the fake GPS we can go with the screen to start the game.

    In conclusion, knowing how to teleport is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Pokémon Go.

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