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Pokémon Go from time to time can give some problems, that's why today we will tell you how to fix network error 2, so pay attention.

What is network error 2 in Pokémon Go about?

This is not a new problem at all, in fact it is quite an old error and despite this, there is still no definitive solution to fix it. Despite this, there are a few things you can do in case you are wondering how to fix network error 2.

How to fix network error 2 in Pokémon Go?

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    If you encounter this problem during a raid at the moment you were about to catch a Pokémon, there is no way for the creature to return to your ball. Occasionally, error code 2 may come with error codes 29 and 30. In this case, the best thing you can do is to restart the application and re-access the gym battle, even, if it is necessary to restart several times, do it.

    This error also appears when the network changes rapidly, for example, when you are playing within range of a public Wi-Fi network and your device connects to that network without getting Internet by the required login. In this case, what you have to do is to turn off the Wi-Fi and play using mobile Internet, so that the problem does not occur again.

    Another cause of this error could be the battery optimization for the application on your device. So we recommend you to disable battery optimization while playing.

    As a last solution, you can force close the game when the error occurs, and then restart it.
    This way we finish this guide on how to fix network error 2 in Pokémon Go and now that we have finished, we hope we have been as helpful as possible, and we hope you can fix this problem, whatever the cause.

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