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Enter the universe of Pokemon Go Incense because today we will tell you how to fix Not Working it.

What to know about not working Pokemon Go Incense?

Due to an error that is related to an item in the game such as incense, we have that the game does not work correctly, certainly this item is very interesting because it helps us find rare spawns, getting Pokémon from nature, then looking to know how to solve it if it does not work there are some indications that we can follow and that are presented below.

How to fix Not Working Pokemon Go Incense?

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    Having the incense active it is possible to find rare Pokémon, we obtain this element while we complete tasks or improve our level, even buying it from the store, where it is presented up to a limited edition, in the past month the way of using it was modified this element of incense, where the durability was one hour and became an hour and a half, having greater opportunities in Pokemon Go Incense, while the search is carried out we can add many more Pokémon, but since this error is present we can consider in terms of how to solve it if it does not work some options that will serve as possible solutions.

    We have to change the configuration after we have updated the game, because our phone is not correctly calibrated for it due to the time difference, so we have to set this configuration to automatic depending on the phone, in the case of iPhone we enter the date and time of the general configuration, we look for the option that will establish this automatically by marking the option in green and for Android we enter the date and time in the system, we will go through the options of automatic date and time, automatic time zone and that are marked in blue.

     So we end our guide on how to fix Not Working it hoping you can get the most out of Pokemon Go Incense and how hectic it turns out to be.

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