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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-14 16:31:53

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Our work for Phasmophobia allows us to show you where to find the thermometer.

What is the thermometer in Phasmophobia?

  This is nothing more than a necessary implement to measure the temperature, because just knowing where to find the thermometer allows us to know according to the temperature with which specific ghost we are struggling, it is necessary to make it clear that these specimens have the ability to dominate and manipulate the temperature at will, in such a way that this tool is emerging as a necessary implement.
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Where to find the thermometer in Phasmophobia?

 The thermometer is part of the necessary items that we can get in this game, as this game has a considerable amount of items, and it is an item that can be purchased in the store, so before locating it it is ideal to have a minimum of $ 30 Since this is its value, however, even when we have the money there is another drawback and that is that it is necessary to reach a certain level to opt for said item, so knowing where to find the thermometer is not as simple as one would like, but if somehow it is essential to locate ghosts throughout the game.

 There is a possibility that the ghost manages to control the temperature, which allows us to take a look and this can occur when we can see that the temperature is below 0 ° C or 32 ° F, on the other hand it is good to know that since We buy the thermometer, this will be ours until for some reason we die in Phasmophobia, since once death has happened the player loses all the objects that they can carry, in exchange they will only receive some money that can well be used for a new existence.

 When we manage to observe that it is possible to breathe with our characters, it is a simple indication that there is no need to use the thermometer, but it does not mean that it is time to discard it in Phasmophobia, since it is possible to change only the configuration and this can be an advance, since the thermometer usually displays in Celsius.

 This is all we can tell you about where to find the thermometer, it is an interesting and necessary task that we can locate in Phasmophobia

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