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The enemies in Persona 4 Golden are getting stronger today we explain how to beat Shadow Rise

This is a game that has been remastered for PC because at the beginning it was released specifically for PS2, it is focused on dungeons and it has some very difficult bosses, but somehow it is necessary to look for an option that allows us to defeat them.

How to beat Shadow Rise in Persona 4 Golden?

Some boss fights can be quite strong, luckily this one is made quite easy but it is not necessary to stay out of it anyway, because we have to get our strong sea group and we have the opportunity to do necessary damage because this boss finds us in a dilemma because We do not know its weak or strong points, we only worry about reducing its health as much as possible, because although it can use spells, they are not strong enough to not beat it.
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    The fight can be quite easy but in view of the fact that Shadow Rise is losing health, he will choose to call the Supreme Vision here if it is necessary to take it very carefully because nothing we do will really affect him, we will only take care to group together to watch the three turns and wait for the cut scene, it is just finished we prepare for another fight and it is with the Bear of Shadows, here we focus on covering the weaknesses of ice, in addition to not using specific elements that may not be useful, because it is evident to have with our PS and SP after moving on to the next phase and being able to eliminate him.

    Now that you know how to beat Shadow Rise, just worry about achieving it on your own, especially since it is quite simple in Persona 4 Golden.

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