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Angel Marquez
2020-06-15 16:48:43

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We invite you to discover How to beat Avenger Knight, a new task in Persona 4 Golden.

What to know about the Avenger Knight in Persona 4 Golden?

While we continue advancing in the history of the game, we are going to be encountering many kinds of enemies, among which are the bosses and mini bosses, we have one of them present in the Avenger Knight, it is one of the first mini bosses in facing, which if it has a degree of difficulty, which puts us in the interest of seeking to understand How to beat Avenger Knight and for this we have the explanatory content of this guide, let's see it below.
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How to beat Avenger Knight in Persona 4 Golden?

Our meeting is in the dungeon of the Yukiko castle, if we want to advance it is necessary that we defeat it, but before it is necessary that we catch a slime or melt it for physical resistance, it is possible that the other members of our team go through many problems in I count physical damage, so applying some improvements can be very helpful, by the time we reach Slime level 3, we will know Tarunda, which will allow this battle to be easier, the key movements are Tarukaja, the that we have to continue with a physical attack, with the Tarunda we can avoid it so that its effect when hitting us is not so great, with the Chie we are going to launch a skull blast, as for Yosuke focused on healing.

We have a chance to deal a lot of extra damage to him with the fact that Cracker can cause some panic to the mini boss, also with his weakness for fire we can damage him with the right characters, only he is able to fill the gap of weakness using Red Wall sometimes, if we apply the Tarunda on it, we will manage to avoid being able to kill any of our team, while having Slime equipped in our main character, we will be in this way safe but another of the characters can be a victim of the crit of luck.

 Now we already know how to beat Avenger Knight, just follow the tips presented in this guide and we will progress in Persona 4 Golden.

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