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Angel Marquez
2020-07-21 17:02:23

More about: Paper Mario The Origami King

The new tasks in Paper Mario The Origami King lead us to explain to you Where to find the diamond island in precise details.

What to know about the diamond island in Paper Mario The Origami King?

In order to enter the tower of the sea we must find 3 necessary orbs, which makes us the main objective that we go to the diamond island, there are certainly an endless number of places that we can access in this incredible adventure, among them the from the sea, it is important that we find the keys to cross 3 streamers and considering that this island is well hidden and we will perhaps go through many previous places to know where to find the diamond island, but this guide brings the precise details to help us, we just have to focus with attention to the content to be presented below.
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Where to find the diamond island in Paper Mario The Origami King?

If we want access to the diamond island which we will find in the middle of 4 other islands such as Pica, Corazón, Trébol and Luna, we must have the diamond key, which is located east of the island of the heart on the island of the mushroom, when we meet here it will be easy to find, but to see Luigi, who will give us the diamond key and will leave for the rest of the game, now precisely the superior proximity of the map we will get to obtain precise clues of the location of the island, since it is well hidden, but it is simply in the middle of the aforementioned 4 islands that we named before, we will arrive at this diving because it is submerged and under the sea.

  We hope that this information presented here on Where to find the diamond island is useful to continue having fun with this incredible adventure that represents Paper Mario The Origami King.

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