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We continue working on Outriders and this makes it convenient to tell you How to beat chrysaloid.

Who is the crisaliode in Outriders?

Before knowing how to beat the chrysaloid it is necessary to take into account that this is a boss, this makes us have to equip ourselves and have some skills that allow us to take it down, it usually has some formidable attacks and this makes it a complex combat However, once we have prepared ourselves and take action with this, everything will change in our favor.

How to beat chrysaloid in Outriders?

Our first task is to get to the forest and once there we take care of:

  • Choose a weapon that is long-range.
  • Choose to assign long-range skills.
  • Put into practice the dodge technique, since this boss has various dangerous attacks, for this it will only be enough to be aware of the reading marks on the ground, since choosing to keep covered when it generates the attacks is favorable when it comes to knowing How to beat chrysaloid.

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    Now, this boss usually has some weak points and this we must take advantage of in this fight in Outriders, in this sense, it is favorable to execute some blows to the middle torso, this allows us to do considerable damage, in such a way that hit him here as much as possible It is favorable, here we can use a weapon with a leech and opt for an ability with a buff, with it not only the use time of the ability is extended, but also the power of execution.

    Knowing how to defeat the chrysaloid is fascinating, since it is vital to choose to pursue the attacks, of course this allows us to access phase two that is usually somewhat more complex in Outriders, because here we will not have coverage, this part of the fight usually occurs In an open area, however, we should not worry too much, because we will have to take care of fighting against Strx's enemies, these must be eliminated and done quickly, especially because in Outriders they usually appear in groups, in addition to causing shots, but this does not stop here, because we manage to face some larger attacks where it is necessary to make the fire can and should be directed to the middle torso of the boss to make it fall.

    This Outriders boss makes it necessary to choose to cover yourself as much as possible, as his lightning attacks are usually strong, and we do not want to get caught in them, long-range weapons allow us to do damage from a safe distance, which can place us In an advantage that must be used to the maximum, it is possible to get involved in this fight alone, however, it is best to bring a friend, this allows us to reach the objective with less difficulty, especially considering that in the second phase of combat it will be necessary to take care of defeating the Strx.

    Definitely, knowing how to beat the chrysaloid involves us in a necessary and quite moved fight that is only possible to execute in Outriders.

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