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Angel Marquez
2021-04-06 05:46:52

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Today we bring you a Outriders guide, where we will explain how to beat Chrysaloid.

Who is Chrysaloid in Outriders?

This is the second boss that we will face in the game, this happens once we progress through the quarry region and reach the hill to prevent us from continuing, we must take into account how hard the confrontation will be divided by a couple of stages, then to support us in terms of How to beat Chrysaloid we will be able to count on the details of this guide to guide us, let's see them below.

How to beat Chrysaloid in Outriders?

Throughout this confrontation we will see the division into 2 stages in Outriders, so looking to know how to beat Chrysaloid there are a number of aspects to consider and what comes next.

First stage: here we have a series of attacks to consider from our enemy, these being with the claw in proximity, the rock throws and the breath jet, now to defend ourselves we have to consider some details in Outriders, in the case of the attack of the claw what we will do is avoid approaching the boss while we dodge, for the one with the rock we only have to focus on the red points where the cocas will end up falling, and it will only be enough to avoid being in that area, while the attack of the jet of breath we have to find a group of tall rocks to cover us from an attack in a straight line that has been taking a semicircular shape and considering the critical points that this boss has to solve How to beat Chrysaloid.
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It can be said that the first stage will be spent on the ground, which can mean that we do not have many problems due to a wall that is presented as a barrier that the boss cannot cross in this stage, it only has the aforementioned attacks, it is important that we attack Through the opening that the wall has to the Chrysaloid because it will also do the same against us, it is ideal not to cross the wall and not approach it, because it can mean our death in Outriders, we must constantly shoot it focused on its face, it which will allow us to do considerable damage, in relation to the ammunition we have that in the left and right limits there are a couple of boxes with which to stock up, in this first stage there will be no opportunity to heal and by making half fall the health of the boss we enter the second stage of combat.

Second stage: the attacks of the effe in this stage are the chrysalis, the claw in proximity, the rock throw, the breath jet, it will spawn 3 flies that shoot fire and one bite, now to see How to beat Chrysaloid In Outriders we have to defend ourselves from them, just as in the first stage for the claws we dodge and stay away from the boss, for the rocks we will see an increase in number, but in the same way we can dodge it, the jet of breath we will to avoid if we are in the determined point of the area and by avoiding the red circle itself we will come out unharmed, in the case of the attack of the flies we have to be dangerous, to defend ourselves we shoot them and dodge their fire attack and the bites we can avoid them too.

During this second stage we have to find ourselves in an area of ​​water, which allows us to have a more direct confrontation without the barrier that existed in the first stage, we must highlight the existence of a critical point to cause greater damage to this boss, the which is in his arms, then it is possible to solve How to beat Chrysaloid by focusing on that critical point and on his face, in this area we will also have a couple of chests that allow us to stock up on ammunition, we must highlight the indicative of attacks, which will allow us to defend ourselves more easily, it is important to constantly change short and long-range weapons to avoid attacks while also maintaining distance at the same time.

Finally, now that we know how to beat Chrysaloid, we can move on to Outriders.

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