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Those who recently asked us how to hide Mudokens in Oddworld Soulstorm in the following article we prepare everything you need to know about it

  What are Mudokens in Oddworld Soulstorm?

These are a series of creatures that you will have to protect several times as you enter the game, so knowing how to hide them from danger will be very important.

How to hide Mudokens in Oddworld Soulstorm?

You will be able to hide the Mudokens when you approach a locker and press the Square button twice to make Abe jump to a locker, and the followers do the same, protecting them from enemies. To exit you will have to press the square button again.
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    You should be aware that enemies can see you and your followers enter a locker, and you will still be safe.

    If any Mudokens don't get in, you run the risk of being discovered and caught, so you would have to shoot Abe or hold the Square button on them to free them.

      That's all you have to know about how to hide Mudokens in Oddworld Soulstorm, so if you already know how to do it, we hope you can hide them without problem.

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