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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-15 15:37:23

Guide to learn how to Heal in Noita

  Noita gives the impression of being a very complicated game, and if it is, even when you start the game it gives you everything and as you discover how this pixelated world works you will see all the challenges that stand before you. Despite being the smallest main character of all time (citation needed), you will still get shot in the air a lot and you will eventually fall due to lack of health. But don't worry, we will teach you how to heal yourself correctly in the game.

How to Heal in Noita?

Normally in the game you cannot heal yourself while playing a Noita level. Instead, healing is relegated to the safe areas between stages, which you'll enter after finding the big purple exit outside the stage you started on.

You will see that this place you can recover in all areas. Whatever your maximum health is, it will be what you receive, so if you have a chance to increase, it is best if you take it.

Variants to Heal in Noita

Various benefits can be discovered between or during stages and some will directly affect your health ability. There really isn't a healing benefit or anything as easy as that, but you will have options.

Some perks give you additional maximum HP, while others will double the amount of health you receive when you refill to the maximum.

One of the actions that offers the greatest potential for long-term healing is vampirism, which will reduce your maximum health but allow you to drink blood to heal yourself.

So those are how to cure in Noita. As with most things in the game, whether or not you find them depends entirely on the seed you end up with.

 Now that you know how to Heal in Noita you can take advantage of the safe areas among other recommendations that we have left you previously for a longer duration in the game. Luck!

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