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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-15 15:39:30

Guide to learn how to fill flasks in Noita

 If you have heard of Noita it is the type of game that is based on systems although in this case this game prefers that you discover it yourself, and it is a better game for him in many ways. But some of the simplest things go a bit under the radar, like drinking.

An important mechanic for certain perks or just to play the game normally, players need to know how it works. To help, we will explain how to drink and how to fill flasks in the game.

How to fill flasks in Noita?

Drinking at Noita is pretty easy. Although it initially appears simple on the surface, it becomes much more complex as you understand the implications of how the system fits into the game world.

To do so, all you need to do is stand on the liquid you want to drink and press down (S Button). Your character will lean over and drink any liquids nearby, so make sure it's just what you really want to drink and that no other pixels get mixed up in there.

How to fill flasks?


Drinking in the game turns out to be necessary because you need to stay hydrated, but it is also due to the different effects that each liquid can cause. For one thing, if you have the vampire advantage, drinking blood will heal you.

But know that there are other things you will want to drink, like potions. If you have them in a jar, you can open your inventory, hover over them, and right-click to drink right away. If not, you can equip the flask and left click to spray it. Form a puddle, stand in it, and press down to drink. Also, if you have an empty flask and want to fill it with a liquid, you just have to stand in that liquid with it and hold it until it is full. With this the job will be done.

  Now that you know how to fill flasks in Noita you can keep your body in optimal condition if you keep these drinks with you. Luck!

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