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No Man's Sky is a very lively game, and today it takes us to discover how to find crashed ships.

What to know about the crashed ships in No Man's Sky?

They are one of the best pieces of space junk that we can find in the game, they turn out to be very common, appearing very frequently, something to note is that they are scattered throughout the planets, the strange thing is that by not looking for this they will be noticed, but when we search they do not appear, but we can apply some methods that can help us on how to find crashed ships and the details will be present in the next content, let's see.

How to find crashed ships in No Man's Sky?

  • The distress beacons: by means of a map we can detail a distress beacon, this when buying it in a local space station, through this the crashed ship will be issued, but it is not a guarantee that we will find it, we will surely arrive at a building abandoned, now it is ideal to obtain 10 by means of the purchase to guarantee success, only that it even takes more to solve how to find crashed ships in No Man's Sky, but you have to insist until you achieve it.
  • The transmission towers: through scanning while we fly over the surface of a planet we will discover the location of a transmission tower, by interacting with it, we will be able to notice all the distress beacons that exist in the region, where one of This can help us to see how to find crashed ships, then we will go in the directions to find these structures possibly.

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    • The surface: while we fly over the surface we can come across crashed ships, so the No Man's Sky scan is necessary at that instant of flight, we have to look for red dots on our radar, these turn out to be the distress beacons, if we notice Some have to go to their location, this being a viable option to be successful in this.
    • Giving a gift to an NPC: the key for this depends on the domain of the alien language in terms of how to find crashed ships in No Man's Sky taking into account that in each system there is a dominant race, when talking to a member we will have the option of giving the NPC a gift, for this reason we can obtain the location of a local distress beacon, thus reaching the location of a possible crashed ship, but if we do not understand the language we will go through a lot of problems, because guessing will be our only option, but if we fail we have to go to another place to do the same again.
    • Use Nautinal: it is a ship that will help us be in the oceans that we can find, we must scan to find out how to find crashed ships, only that despite being something that can lead us to achieve it, it is not possible to recover them, it All we will do is claim a reward, while the ship will remain underwater.
    • An empty egg: we have with this the best opportunity to find the crashed ships in No Man's Sky, this egg is obtained in the Starbirth mission, while the scanning of transmissions in space is carried out, this egg will guide us to a place where they are these crashed ships for a living ship, something very different from a standard ship.

    Actually, on how to find crashed ships, you have to take into account that they are ships similar to ours, only that they have crashed with a planet or moon, being damaged, but if we find any, these can be repaired by using resources, something that It is different from one ship to another, achieving with it to be able to use it or even sell it, the importance of finding these ships goes through the fact of obtaining a better ship, considering the different classes that exist in No Man's Sky, equipped with new or better systems than those of our ship, achieving greater speed to go between the systems or in the battles against pirates, defeat them more easily, while the ships found are better, even the sale is profitable, it can also be of great help to overcome the milestone at expedition Beachhead to show up on upcoming expeditions.

    Now that you know how to find crashed ships, just do it and keep progressing while having fun in No Man's Sky.

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