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Nioh 2: How to play as William

2020-03-02 08:24:15

Today we have prepared a very complete article to tell you how to play as William in Nioh 2.

  Who is William in Nioh 2.

His full name is William Adams, an Irish sailor born in Ireland who manages to face demonic yokai throughout Japan and is the protagonist of the original game, with which you will surely have spent hours and hours trying to complete the game. Despite not being the protagonist of the second version of the game it is possible to play again with him in the second version and we will tell you how.

How to play as William in Nioh 2.

When you start the game for the first time, you are asked to choose a custom male or female character, but to play with William you will have to own the original game and save the data stored on your PlayStation 4 system.

Then you will have to start Nioh 2 and look for any Game Sanctuary to go and pray. Open the Sanctuary menu and look for the "Benefits" option, from where you can access the saved data of Nioh 2originate to allow access to William's transformation.

Go to the map screen and open the location that says "Starting point" to access a menu where you will choose the option of Hut and then "Change its appearance", here you will have to look for the "Transform" section from which you can select William to bring his appearance.

You should keep in mind that the armor that you equip will not aesthetically affect the character with the equipped skin, unlike the changes in the statistics.

 Now that you know how to play as William in Nioh 2 you are more than ready to remember the Nioh 2original again when playing with its protagonist in the new sequel that premiered on May 24.

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