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Nioh 2: How long to beat

2020-02-10 09:59:04

We are back with a Nioh 2 guide to get the answers of how long to beat it with the details covered here.

What is Nioh 2 about?

  This game is representing the prequel to the first version, here we will be a demon and spirit hunter Yokai, where we will also find many hidden secrets about it, due to the loss of control over his spirit by the Yokai offspring, we will find that some stones will serve to have control over the Yokai, from here we have the beginning of our adventure, in which we will look for many more stones and win friends and enemies along our way, in this guide the doubts to answer are related How long to finish it for this we will have the following content.

how long to beat it at Nioh 2?

 We will have approximately the same amount of missions as in the first game, with independent levels, this being a similarity found in the first game too, producer Funihiko Yasuda when talking about this issue with GameSpot revealed that when he played in January It took 55 hours to finish it, also indicating that all this will depend on the abilities that each of the players have, this will be the main factor that dictates the time it will take us to complete this game, Yasuda also states that this feature was found in Nioh 21 .

 Yasuda is very familiar with this game, since the 55 hours it took to complete it, it is possible that the time is longer in our case, at the time of the first tour, when we perform the explorations and find the elements of each of the levels, solving the puzzles of the battles against the bosses, being violent, of course there is something in relation to Yosuda and his 55 hours, is that I do not indicate if I include all the content of the game, such as the secondary aspects or only the main story, of being like this can take us a longer time to complete at Nioh 2.

 We can conclude that knowing about Nioh 2 in relation to how long to beat it, will depend on our individual abilities and according to the path we take in terms of the tasks that will be presented to us in the game but we already have a base as to the time to complete it.

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