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Today we bring a Nintendo Switch guide where we will tell you How to fix error 2819-0003, let's see.

What is error 2819-0003 in Nintendo Switch?

This is a bug that we got and that according to Nintendo support this is usually related to having two Nintendo Switch consoles linked to a Nintendo account, in such a way that knowing how to fix error 2819-0003 leads us to find a solution, this because the bug will cause the downloadable content of a second console to be paused.

How to fix error 2819-0003 on Nintedo Switch?

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    It is necessary to be able to place a main console and the other console that may be linked to our account must be canceled, in case of doing it in the same software it will do this work for us making the second console paused and it shows us the failure in In this sense, it is necessary to change the main console of our account and for this we must:


    •  Go to the start menu in order to select the Nintendo eShop icon to enter the online store.
    • We proceed to log in with the credentials of our Nintendo account.
    • Next we access the account information for which we must select the icon of our profile located in the upper corner of our screen.
    • We locate the panel on the right to move down in order to find the option "Main Console".
    • Then we touch the unregister button so that the Nintendo Switch is no longer the main console and we proceed to repeat these steps in case we have other consoles linked to our Nintendo account.
    • We take our console and access Nintendo eShop and enter what will indicate that this selected will be the main console.


     In case of not having access to the main one, we are allowed to unsubscribe it from the Nintendo website, only that this process can only be done once a year, which allows us to know how to repair error 2819-0003 and that is a simple process for which we apply:


    •  Go to the Nintendo website.
    • Access our account and select the Store Menu.
    • Then we must scroll down in order to select "Cancel the registration of the main console" and follow the instructions shown.
    • We count the console to Nintendo eShop and that's it.


    Now that you know how to fix error 2819-0003, you can give yourself the opportunity to solve this problem by applying the information provided in this Nintendo Switch guide.

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