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Today we bring a Nintendo Switch Sports guide, in which we guide you on the All sports list.

What to know about sports in Nintendo Switch Sports?

They are about the announced Olympic Games, which is the norm that Nintendo has announced it, only that to clarify doubts it is opportune to be one of all the sports that will be presented with motion control and for this we have the following details, let's see.

What is All sports list in Nintendo Switch Sports?

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    The sports that will be present are such as Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Chambará, Tennis and Golf, certainly some of the sports were originally seen in Wii Sports, but now we have them again, considering that many have been discarded, such as they are boxing and baseball, which certainly via DLC can be added later.

    Something of great value for us players is that all the sports presented are compatible with it online, so it is possible to play with friends or do matchmaking with others, we will have a classification system to see our levels, the controls seem to work very well , being tested by Nintendo executives with volleyball, it should be noted that an online test will be presented between February 18 and 20 where bowling, chambara and tennis will be.

     We hope that the information presented here about All sports list has been very useful to be aware of what is coming in Nintendo Switch Sports.

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