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Our Nexomon Extinction guide lets us talk to you today about where to find the Drake Islands

What are the Drake Islands in Nexomon Extinction?

  In a game where the possibility of capturing and tame some monsters is a necessary task, it is important to be clear that the Drake Islands are important, because they are interesting areas where we are offered the possibility of getting some amount of powerful Nexomon, reaching It is extremely important to them, so it is possible to take the path to get to the city, getting the possibility of skipping history, which can also take us but simply can take some time.
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    Where to find the Drake Islands in Nexomon Extiction?

     It is important to consider that there are some locations that are difficult to reach because they are clearly linked to history, however, there is the possibility of skipping some spaces and being able to choose to get to islands outside of history, only that this It implies having to get the possibility of getting some Nexomon with formidable attacks or with a considerable amount of cores, because with this it is possible to cheat the game, of course this is a method that can be carried out as a last resort.

     To get to the Drake Islands it is necessary to access a boat, while we are in it it is necessary to explore a little, because in some rooms it is possible to get coins and followers, which is simply important since when we manage to reach the islands it is possible to get grass full of Nexomon, however, accessing the boat is not easy, as it is necessary to have some coins at least 100, of course this varies according to where we are, for this it is necessary to collect them little by little and this can happen before, as the ship is in a brown building in the city of Parum.

     This is everything you need to know about where to find the Drake Islands, an interesting place with some amount of resources that we cannot waste on Nexomon Extinction.

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