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Nexomon Extinction has simply taken care of us a little, so it is necessary to explain how to manage your team

What is Nexomon Extinction?

  This is nothing more than a game where we are offered the possibility of catching and tame some monsters, which can simply bring us closer to what Pokemon can be, however this can be a bit more complex, because here we get more than 300 Nexomon, which can be interesting and therefore form a team, only at this point things get complicated because it is not possible to have all of them, because our team can only settle for 6 which simply means that it is necessary make some choices, of course this is usually based on the type of threat we face.
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    How to manage your team in Nexomon Extinction?

     It is important to be clear that there are some spaces in which it is possible to face any type, so it is important to pay close attention, since forming a good team is vital when we are exploring, which makes us understand how important it is to go to a Nexomon medical center to be able to change our team and it is important to know that this place can be found in Parum.

     It is possible to make the necessary changes when we make some new matches, as some may become a bit more complex, as these usually present some type of variation according to the place where we are exploring, as remember that it is necessary to consider that it is important to have a particular team according to the types that we can get, which simply implies having the best.

     This is all we need to know about how to manage your
    team, as it is definitely an interesting and necessary task that we can execute in Nexomon Extinction.

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