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Zero Caliber VR: How to Level Up easily

2020-01-06 09:58:10

In the content of this guide we can have covered all the necessary details of how to level up in Zero Caliber VR.

 We have that there are different options to increase the level in Zero Caliber VR, which are being updated, it is possible to find different methods, in this guide they will be covered, how to level up will be the content to be discussed so we recommend that the reading be followed below

How to level up in Zero Caliber VR?

 What we must do once you have loaded Zero Caliber VR, on the map we will locate the Powder mission, if we want to solve how to level up, being on the mission we will go to the door on the left and the stone that is on the right we will push towards the great wall, stay close to the wall and run to the enemy bunker as fast as possible, we will kill if necessary, we can ignore the rest, at the back door we have to enter.

 Once we have completed the mission, it is important that we do not press the button that sends us back to the menu, for this reason the loading times will be slower, instead, it will be faster, with this way we can Maintaining the experience gained and the repetition of the mission can be faster.

 There is a possibility that the most current methods will be compliant if we want to know how to level up in Zero Caliber VR, so we must take that possible aspect into account.

What can we do to level up easier in Zero Caliber VR?

 To understand how to level up easily there are several things that will help us achieve this and are the following:


 It will be possible to get 4000 xp and level up faster if we achieve 13 headshots

Hip shots

This form is done by keeping our weapon low, which will allow us to have maximum speed and continue firing, roasting a laser sight will make it easier for us and, aiming at the head, we will have this happen in 30 minimums.

 Carry better weapons

 So that this can be done in a simple way, our best option is to have the weapons that will allow us to achieve a single shot death, weapons which we will obtain from the missions, on the map of the city center we have to mission 3, we will get a 3G rifle that can work automatically and capable of causing 100 percent damage, this is possible before the path to the scientist, it is also possible that we find a Deagle, in a house on the map, this It is of great power and when aiming it carries a great speed.

What about the update in Zero Caliber VR?

  It is possible that we can understand how to level up easily after the update, by means of which 2 weapons, the Berreta M9 gun and the LMG BAR are added, in the case of the missions we have an adjustment as for the XP, so that they are Give less, in the specification notes of this update it was not indicated, but when playing you notice what happens with this change, everything indicates that the Dust mission is still the ideal to increase in level faster, winning XP even if it is lower the amount of what is obtained, the missions allowed us before to achieve 3400 XP if headshots, only to complete them but now they are only 2200 XP.

With this we come to the end of this explanation, being the same of how to level up in Zero Caliber VR, hoping that it is of understanding by our readers and find in this guide the utility they expected.

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