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Today we bring you a YouTube guide where we will talk about How to Fix YouTube Watch History Error.

What to know about YouTube watch history error?

  It is a problem that prevents the updates of the new videos that we have seen recently, presenting our history empty, indicating that there are no videos, even the progress bar of the video does not display, what we can do is locate the video manually, only it became very tedious, considering that the video scene could be found randomly, seeking to know how to fix YouTube Watch history error we can apply the following instructions.

How to fix YouTube watch history error?

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    Recovering the videos that we have seen in the middle of the problem will be difficult to recover, as for How to repair the YouTube playback history error, it is appropriate that this option is enabled, that in Youtube we look for the history on the left, noticing a couple of options, pausing the playback history or activating it, in case of seeing the last option we have that it is deactivated, we have to turn it on to solve the problem, apart from that with the use of the application we have to open the configuration page to choose history, with privacy we pause the history, being active it is necessary that we turn it off.

     There are other options that we need to consider when it comes to how to fix YouTube watch history error and these are as follows:

    •  Restart of the application: it is opportune to close the youtube application or the web to enter again, because a new connection may represent corrections applied and this error can be resolved in between.
    • Updates: this is something very common and important, so verifying the existence of pending updates that our operating system requires is what we will do, the same with the YouTube application, if there are any, we will download them, if we remain outdated At some point an incompatibility will occur.
    • Delete cache and data: it is possible that this type of file could be the cause of the problem, so regarding How to fix YouTube playback history error, you have to delete the cache and data to see what happens, being in the PC we will go to the web configuration of our browser, we will locate the option to delete history, being in a sub menu with more tools, it is necessary to choose a time interval that we want to delete, then we mark in browsing history, cookies, images stored in cache and files, finally we click on delete data, while if we use the Youtube application we open Chrome to go to the corresponding configuration menu through the 3 points in the upper right corner, we choose history to clear browsing data, choosing all , depending on the device we press on delete data or navigation data.


     In case of not reaching anything regarding How to fix YouTube playback history error, it is necessary to contact support and send them a ticket to be reported, it is important that we keep in mind that a specific cause is not so possible to find it on youtube, because there are many possibilities, even being out of our reach, which will lead us to not achieve anything and just wait for the solution.

     Finally, now that we know how to fix YouTube watch history error, it is possible to have a return to normal on this Youtube platform.

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