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There are some problems that are clearly related to YouTube but this has a solution, let's see how to fix video is not available

Why is the video may not be available in YouTube?


 There are some reasons why some videos may not be seen or simply not be available to us, so it is necessary to know how to fix video is not available considering above all that the amount of videos that users usually upload are too many, because There is an estimate of approximately 400 hours of videos more or less for each minute they dry, thus considering the possibility of considering that every day there are a billion hours of videos that can be viewed worldwide and at a certain time can collapse so the fact that it might not be available will appear.


How to fix video is not available in YouTube?


 There are currently some simple but interesting solutions to this problem, since in one way or another it is possible to test them to see which one we can use.
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    The possibility of solving this problem by reviewing the Network.


     Knowing how to fix video is not available allows us to test some options and the fact of checking the network could solve us quickly since sometimes the network could be quite poor, so it will be necessary to run some tests loading other sites, in addition to checking the router connection and thus solve it or simply choose another solution.


     internet speed

     An option to know how to fix video is not available, it is related to the speed of the internet, because it is necessary to have the speed be 500 kbs and the download speed can be at least 5mbps, especially when they are videos High resolution can present certain faults if the internet is below these numbers.


     The option to restart YouTube, the browser and our device.


     As we go, we are leaving more alternatives to know how to fix the video is not available based on the fact that this may simply be a temporary error, but this is one of the simplest solutions and that usually gives effective results to a large part of users of YouTube since it is possible to restart YouTube or restart the browser as well as the possibility of restarting the device, because sometimes they can cause us some problems.


     It is possible to use a VPN

     There are some countries where there are some restrictions and these can be directly linked to the YouTube platform and this can cause problems for us, but since our goal is to know how to fix the video is not available it is an excellent idea to use a VPN since these allow us to maintain our IP address hides and has the ability to reassign us a new one, which is quite good since it is possible to consider that there is the possibility of hiding our online activity and thereby maintaining privacy.


     Get disable hardware acceleration.


     There are simply enough complaints from users about the failure problem and it is precisely this that has allowed us to consider solutions to know how to fix the video is not available, but this may sometimes be directly related to hardware acceleration that uses the GPU and this allows rendering some YouTube videos so it is advisable to follow these instructions:


    •  The idea is to deactivate this function and for this it is necessary to consider opening Google Chrome.
    • Then click on the menu icon that is visible with 3 vertical dots located in the upper corner on the right side.
    • We proceed to select Configuration and go to the bottom to click on Advanced.
    • Then we navigate to System and there we uncheck the option to use hardware acceleration.
    • Finally we restart Google Chrome and proceed to open YouTube to play a video.


     An alternative to know how to fix the video is not available is by enabling Flash and JavaScript, because if they are disabled it is most likely that it will not allow us to see and hear it, for this it is necessary:


    •  Access the browser settings and activate it.
    • Then it is necessary to go to the Adobe Flash website to proceed to update it and activate it to the latest version and proceed to see the video in YouTube again.

    The option to clear the cache and cookies.


     An issue that can be frequent and that sometimes tends to leave us stuck because we do not check it frequently is the cache and cookies of our browser, which may be corrupt and delete them is a necessary alternative, as it is part of a solution to learn how Fix video is not available, but this is easy to do and is done like this:


    •  We go to the top corner on the right side of our browser to select the menu icon.
    • We proceed to click on settings and then Advanced.
    • We click on Clear browsing data and proceed to configure the time range so that it stays All the time.
    • Then we mark these options, Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, as well as Cached images and voila.


    Review the use of extensions in Chrome.


     Extensions can be feasible in some cases but it has its flaws in other occasions, since normally not everything usually works perfectly well, in the particular case of YouTube videos it is necessary to consider that we can disable them as follows:


    •  We go to the menu for this we are located in the vertical points that are located at the top of our screen.
    • Then we can see that there is a list of extensions that have been installed, we must deactivate them.
    • To deactivate them it is necessary to locate us and click on the small switch next to the name, it must be done one by one.
    • Finally we proceed to review the video in YouTube and it should no longer have failures.


    Recording the Clear Data button represents a solution for YouTube videos.


     Little by little we have been breaking down a series of simple solutions that may be necessary to know how to fix the video is not available and make a change in the quality of the video can be useful enough, because sometimes the hardware does not allow playing videos high resolution, for this you need:


    •  Open YouTube and go to play the video that we have indicated is not available.
    • Mobilize and click on the Configuration icon that is located in the bottom corner on the right side of the video to opt for the choice of quality, which allows us to view all that it can support.
    • Here we get high resolutions such as ideal 720p or 1080p but for this it will be necessary to locate the lowest ones that are 240p or 360p, as they will let us reproduce it without problems.


     We hope that our solutions on how to fix the video is not available can be of great help considering that YouTube is precisely the largest and most visited platform for videos of all time.

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