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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-03 16:52:03

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Not everything in YouTube is perfect, because we often get some inconveniences and it allows us to want to know how to repair the sound in videos, let's see.

What can we comment about YouTube?

This is the largest and most extensively video-related platform and is owned by Google, it has been a considerable amount of time, it has been causing a sensation for adults and children for a few years, so this problem that is being presented recently and that we it leads to wanting to find a solution on how to fix no sound on videos, as it turns out to be a problem that is causing certain discomfort for users.

The need to know how to fix no sound on videos arises above all that determines that this platform has a number of more than 15 million viewers worldwide, and the very idea that some users have problems when they cannot hear anything be it the tables, computers or smartphones let us leave you some possible solutions to end these errors in YouTube.

What can be the reasons why there is no sound in YouTube videos?

There is more than one reason why videos probably don't contain sound and that's why we care about explaining how to fix no sound on videos.
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  • Adobe Flash Player may be a reason, but it is not directly linked to Google Chrome, since it has a built-in player.
  • Changes made to hardware.
  • The possibility of having some small errors in the software.
  • Some plugins or extensions can cause us these inconveniences.

How to fix no sound on videos in YouTube by checking the volume of our device?

It is possible to have more than one solution but little by little we are going to break them down, because not all of us have the same drawbacks, so pay attention to each of our solutions in order to see which one best suits you, One of the options may be the subject of the volume directly on our device since without realizing it we can see that it is probably deactivated.

  • To solve this problem it is necessary to go to the bottom on the right side of the taskbar to locate the speaker icon.
  • Then we proceed to click on increase the volume.
  • We proceed to use the right mouse button on said speaker icon and select Open the volume mixer.
  • Here it is necessary to verify that all the bars of the volume are raised.
  • Finally it's time to go back one more time in YouTube and check.

How to fix no sound on videos in YouTube by checking and updating our browser?

The browser can also be an occasion in our inconvenience with the subject of videos, since it is difficult one of the triggers that have made us seriously consider how to fix no sound on videos with that son, the browsers who can detect it and sometimes it is It is necessary to restart them, carry out some type of configuration so that everything can receive again normally.

The need to clear the cache and browser cookies can also be vital in our goal to know how to fix no sound on videos, since on some occasions they may contain some errors that can prevent the sound, therefore it is favorable to use Google Chrome since this presents us with the option of deleting them with instructions that are comfortable enough.

  • To resolve this error you need to open the browser.
  • Then we proceed to go to the upper corner on the right side where we can see that there are 3 points and click on them.
  • Then we will select Configuration and we will go to the menu scrolling downwards little by little until we reach the Privacy and Security tab, where we will click on Clear browsing data.
  • There we have the possibility to check the boxes that allow us to see the cache and cookies where it will only be necessary to delete data.
  • After this, everything should return to normal and enjoy the sound of the YouTube videos.

If we still cannot find a solution to the problem and we need to know more about how to fix no sound on videos, it is a moment to consider uninstalling and updating the browser, and for this it is necessary:

  • Click on the file explorer and then on the explorer window that is located at the top on the right side.
  • Then it will be necessary to Uninstall or change a program and then choose to uninstall the explorer with the instructions shown on the screen.
  • Once we have uninstalled it, it is time to look for a more current version in the store and proceed to install it so that we can finally solve the problem.

How to fix no sound on videos in YouTube by checking sound card driver?

The sound card can sometimes be the problem that does not allow us to listen to videos, this involves checking and updating the sound driver, this can be done in this way:

  • We move to the start button to click on it and when we see the search box we proceed to write Device Manager then pressing Enter.
  • Then we will click on the Sound and Games Video Controller and from there click on the small date on the left side to expand it.
  • Then we will double-click Realtek High Definition Audio that takes us to the context menu where we will click uninstall.
  • Once the driver is uninstalled, it is necessary to restart our PC, then go to the manufacturer's website to download the driver.
  • We proceed to install it, once it has installed we restart the PC once more and solve the problem.

The possibility of running the audio troubleshooter because it is possible that it can present some characteristics that can present failures, making it necessary to know how to fix no sound on videos and for this it is necessary:

  • Right-click the sound icon located on the taskbar.
  • Then we select Solve sound problems and follow the prompts.

Restoring our device as a sound option for YouTube videos.

The first thing that we must consider is that if the device has not previously presented problems and now if we are with these failures it is a time to execute a restoration and this is done in this way:

  • We will go to the start button and in the search box we will write Recovery Enter.
  • Then we will select Open system restoration.
  • Finally we restore our PC with the recommended restoration and end our problem.

With this we can end our guide on how to fix no sound on videos by contacting what we have left several solutions and you can choose what you consider useful for you, solving this problem to enjoy even more YouTube.

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