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Knowing where to find all secret areas is extremely crucial when on our way through Xenoblade Chronicles

There are a number of places that are hidden in Xenoblade Chronicles to which it will be necessary to achieve some natural way of reaching them, because although it is very possible to coincide with them naturally, there are some that can be somewhat more complex, which makes that the search is interesting, in this way get to know all the secret areas and rewards for them.

Where to find all secret areas in Xenoblade Chronicles?

It is important to emphasize that there are some areas that tend to present a little more complexity, or at least they are a little more advanced in history, but in the same way it is necessary to achieve them, only it should be noted that it is necessary to follow an order and then we will leave the how they can be achieved.

The Tephra cave in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Knowing where to find all secret areas leads us to visit some places, since the events that usually take place here may be accessible but possibly later, at this point in catalogs as complexes and this is because they are dungeons, which implies waiting for events to take their course.

Location of the Tomb of Bafalgar in Xenoblade Chronicles.

This is simply vital, because upon discovering this tomb we have the possibility of accessing certain missions located in Shura and we can carry them out with a NPC, because it is part of our task to know where to find all secret areas, starting from:

  • Start by going to the Tefra cave and go to the first floor where it is possible to get the Villa lake where we will see that the blocked part of the lake on the northwest side will simply be unlocked.
  • Then we will go to the room in order to use the Arachno and Vang capsules, in the same way we will move to the east of the cave.
  • Along the way it is possible to take the north direction as soon as we meet at a crossroads to reach the Heavenly window.
  • The idea is to get the exit to the north and continue the path that is free, only that in this course we will go to the corridor of bones in order to get a heart to heart.

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Where to find all the secret areas of the Bionis Leg in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Here it is possible to get us with two specific areas, the important thing is that accessing them really does not present a major drawback, making it one of the first areas that we can enter.

The observation deck at Xenoblade Chronicles.

While we are taking our tour to know where to find all the secret areas it is possible to get to the observation deck but this is if it implies:

The possibility of locating the Daksha shrine and this is done by making our way until we can reach the lower leg, starting our route determined as a reference by the Kamos guide post.

Then we move to the northeast, having Viliera Hill as a point, there we observe a path that is behind this location and it is specifically who leads us to the Daksha shrine.

Our way to know where to find all the secret areas simply has to have to locate a red element, which is at our disposal and has to allow us to dominate the monster that is located at level 37 or simply act as a necessary item to Opt to find the giant key in Xenoblade Chronicles.

We continue walking east and head to the climbing area, on this path that leads us to the cave we will find ourselves with a number of monsters, it is only necessary to keep your distance and go cautiously.

When we manage to get to the observation deck, we will still get another monster, dodging it by jumping into the water since we are not at a level where we can beat it.

Believer's paradise in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Our path is about knowing where to find all the secret areas and we have obtained an interesting location, the idea is to access the upper level to locate the northwest of the map where the Hoto del Hoto de Zax is, to then head east and It is mobilized through an elevated path that allows us to reach our destination.

Where to find all the secret areas in Mina Mina in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Glowmoss Lake.

Here we are only in a secret area, but if these searches we are going to find what is really secret, it really has nothing, since it is located in Glowmoss Lake, which we reached through the long tunnel of Test Pit I, only in this On the way we will get a monster that is resting in there, so we must choose to go quickly to the depth since they will face it is simply not viable, since this monster is level 29 and we are not able to face it.

Where to find all secret areas of the Satorl Swamp at Xenoblade Chronicles?

This swamp only has a secret area but it is necessary to be clear about where we are going to start this task.

The Luminous Pond.

The pool of light is located in the swamp and our quest centers in directions to the dark side of it.

It is necessary to move with great care since this swamp contains poisoned water, but at some point it will be necessary to take it, since there is no way where it is not possible to do it in Xenoblade Chronicles.

To get to the pond that is located in the cave it is necessary to go through the path that takes us outside, because knowing where to find all secret areas simply allows us to mobilize and in this particular case we arrive at a quite pleasant place for Zazadan.

Where to find all secret areas of the Makna Forest in Xenoblade Chronicles?

This forest is quite peculiar, since it specifically has 4 areas, this is because it is really a large piece of land.

The Divine Sanctuary.

Our journey through the forest takes us to the beginning of the Nopon challenge, for this it is necessary to go to the Waipoint beacon in the east of Bridge One, from there it is necessary to reach the ether deposit on a cliff which we will reach through the cave in the hillside getting this sanctuary.

The Seahorse Islet.

Definitely knowing where to find all the secret areas becomes a very interesting activity, because for this particular location it is necessary to move and reach the river in the forest, for this we will go in a direction that indicates the northeast, once there it is possible to observe the islet

The Foamy Pool.

We continue through this forest so that it is the ideal motor to the Milestone of the Gate of the Twisted Trees to go towards the northwest, and manage to reach the Alce water hole where it is vital to scale a large root to reach the pool .

The Tomb of King Agni.

This area is simply sealed but visible, since at this point it is only necessary to open it, to end the mystery of the ruins of Makna I, and proceed to the ruins of Makha II, there we managed to land our Pods to go to the side where we got the seal located on the research table that is necessary to open the grave.

Where to find all secret areas in The Sea Eryth in Xenoblade Chronicles?

This location only has a secret area.

The Cave of Faras.

This area has to specify provide some quantity of collectibles and experience, because even though this activity does not represent any particular search, it is necessary to carry it out, because it is necessary to quickly mobilize such a way to get to the Hovering 9 reef, there we jump into the sea, trying to swim in a southwesterly direction and with that wait for a small storm cloud to appear on the edge of the map.

Where to find all secret areas of Valak Mountain in Xenoblade Chronicles?

This mountain has two secret areas and they are quite complex.

The Befalgar pedestal.

Getting this location is extremely crucial for our missions, because we must execute two and in both it has a fundamental role, so that we can start at the Zokhed Pass, there we proceed to turn to the right and climb through some inclined path in Xenoblade Chronicles, next is a time to mobilize on the left side until the end.

The Summit of the Sages.

Knowing where to find all secret areas simply puts us to carry out sufficiently complicated works, this implies the need to have to access an obtuse platform, it is not convenient to drop us since you need to get to the ruins of the final giants, organize from the Zokhed Pass, then we will go west until we reach the second slope that will take us to the Serik waterfall where we will melt some ice and continue west, we jump to the right to reach a surface to which it is necessary to climb, to achieve reach the summit of the 3 wise men.

Where to find all secret areas of Sword Valley in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Here it is only possible to have an area where it is possible to obtain experience, only that we will not get any rewards, but that it is still necessary to get this location.

Monado's wound.

It is only necessary to go in the direction of the warehouse to the south of gate III and then move to the west where we located said wound.

Where to find all secret areas of the dropped arm in Xenoblade Chronicles?

This place is simply a vital search because here we get a heart to heart.

The tip of the distant finger.

It is necessary to go to the end of Digit I, then proceed to enter the back of Digit II until you can get the climbing wall on the right side of the Digit II map, here it is necessary to access the upper level of the fallen arm and continue on the way to reach our goal.

Where to find all secret areas of Campo Mechonis in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Here we find ourselves with two secret areas, one easy, something more complex to find.

The Great Scar of Battle.

It is necessary to mobilize until we reach the 4th floor where we can see that a reference point is marked, this being the upper bridge, then it is a time to go east and from there to the path that surrounds the Mechonis, it is even possible to have the possibility to go down through the slide to the well and continue to take the gold from the energetic eggplant.

The Machina Refuge.

At this point it is necessary to get us with Bozatrox to end one of the best searches, because it is necessary to quickly go through the road to return to the Great Scar of Battle and continue to climb the ventilation shaft, then we remember ourselves right with In order to land on a platform on the left side and continue advancing along the path, there we climbed the ladder until we found refuge.

Where to find all secret areas of Agnoratha in Xenoblade Chronicles?

With this location we finish the missions, so we manage to knock down some locks.

The Cloister of the 7 Sages.

This can become a fairly complicated area, because it is exactly where we complete all the previous missions, only for this it is necessary to have urban planning, the military terminal, the civil protection terminal and the strategic intelligence terminal, so we can get knock down certain locks and get them to head to the Central Tower as soon as the missions have been completed, from there we managed to access the capital control terminal and find the cloister key, which allows us to go to the data center and open the said cloister of the 7 wise men.

This is all we know about where to find all secret areas, since it is simply necessary to go through them in Xenoblade Chronicles.

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