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Angel Marquez
2020-05-28 17:55:19

More about: Xenoblade Chronicles

We welcome you to our Xenoblade Chronicles guide where we will talk about how to save your game.

  We originally saw Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, but this time Monolith Soft brought it back to the Switch, in its effect with many improvements made, in itself the same game but repowered, where the new graphics stand out, this time We are looking for the answers regarding How to save your game and this guide will be the perfect support, so we must pay the necessary attention to understand the details.

What to know about saving your game in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Keep in mind that this game is extremely long, so even more so with the addition of a new epilogue by the name of Future Connected, making it ideal to save your game, it is impossible and not recommended to try to overcome this game in a single game, the details to help us will be present in the following paragraphs, we just have to focus on giving it the necessary attention.
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How to save your game in Xenoblade Chronicles?

What we will do to save our game is open the menu with the X button and press giving access to the system menu, here we look for the option to save and choose the slot in which our progress is recorded, then if we can exit the game and access again, there is also the autosave, we will notice it by a small icon that appears in the lower corner of our screen.

It is good to know that although it is possible that we ignore the fact of saving our progress, the game automatically takes care of keeping everything that we have progressed, when we die we are at the beginning of the area or from the control point that it is closer preserving all our objects and experiences.

  Finally, now that we are aware of How to save your game, we can continue the fun in Xenoblade Chronicles.

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