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In this article we have prepared a Xenoblade Chronicles Changing the weather  guide, in which we will cover all the details.

What is Xenoblade Chronicles about.

The video game is the JRPG published by Nintendo and developed by Monolith Soft initially for Wii users released on June 10, 2010, while the remake was released on May 29, 2020 and is now available to users. from Nintendo Switch.

The video game features a dynamic weather system, where Shulk and his friends explore the Bionis, adapting to the inclement weather that surrounds them, which in turn will make enemies of different types appear depending on the current weather.

The weather will be very important during those missions, side missions in which you will have to finish off enemies that only appear during certain weather conditions such as the monster "White Eduardo" for example, that you have to kill in a game point and will only appear during a storm Electric, this makes knowing how to Change the weather  manually very important, that's why we prepared this Changing the weather  guide.
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    how to Change the weather in Xenoblade Chronicles

    The way to change the weather is to change the time repeatedly until hopefully the weather changes to what you need.

    Weather conditions appear to be on a 12-hour cycle, and appear to change only when the time of day does, so we recommend setting the clock 12 hours at a time to change the weather.

    You must bear in mind that some weather conditions will only occur in certain areas, so not all types of weather can occur in the same place. The good news is that any side quest that requires a change in the weather won't ask for anything you can't accomplish, so don't worry.

      This has been our guide to change the weather in Xenoblade Chronicles, we hope that now that you know and can do it, you can manipulate the weather as you need to complete any mission that requires it or simply to vary the days.

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