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The arrival of the Xbox Series X / S has let us see some bugs and this leads us to tell you How to fix the error 0x800708ca

What is error 0x800708ca on Xbox Series X / S?

  This is simply a failure with which getting us could be something of the most normal, since it bears some relation to the issue of new technologies, since new consoles are not exempt from presenting some failures, and above all, it usually occurs regularly when We focus on updating some Xbox One games, an issue that may be favorable since there are games that may be to our total liking, however, it is necessary to take care of knowing how to repair the error 0x800708ca, thus avoiding some failures that in In a way, they can be easy to fix, but without a doubt, they can become annoying.
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    How to fix error 0x800708ca in Xbox Series X / S?

    There is the possibility of getting us with this failure in a normal practitioner way, but there is not much to worry about, there are some users who have just rebooted the device so that it can allow us to enjoy some updated game and this is usually done in this way :


    •  To restart the Xbox Series X / S it is necessary to follow the Configuration path.
    • Then proceed to locate us in System.
    • Next, we go to Console information.
    • Next, we locate Restart the console.
    • We proceed to Restart and keep my games and applications.


     This mentioned solution should solve this failure, but in case this does not work, I could choose to uninstall and reinstall the game that is usually causing us inconveniences, in which case this does not work for you, you would only have to wait for Microsoft to offer us the solution, fortunately, they usually already have some related information which allows us to have the possibility of a prompt response.

     This is all we can tell you about How to fix error 0x800708ca, it is only a matter of trying the solutions mentioned to continue enjoying the Xbox Series X / S.

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