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LaXbox Series X / S has arrived today it is pertinent to tell you How to appear offline.

Why play offline at Xbox Series X / S

Undoubtedly, the arrival of this console has allowed us to dedicate its well-deserved time to it, in such a way that it is necessary to know how to appear offline, because there are times when we are not interested in someone noticing that we are having a good time with a game favorite on Xbox.

How to appear offline on Xbox Series X / S?

Sometimes we want to spend some time on a game that we are not interested in someone noticing, so we apply to appear offline, so pay attention because this is all you are going to do:
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    • Touch the center button on our remote to take us to the menu.
    • Choose to press the right D-pad until you get to pass over our profile photo.
    • Then we are presented with Profile and System where we select Settings.
    • Next we select General to take us to Online Safety and Family.
    • Next we are presented with a list where we select Privacy and online security.
    • This then generates a list for us to specifically select Privacy on Xbox Live.
    • Proceed to select View details and customize.
    • Then we choose to select Status and History Online.
    • Here are some options where appears Others can see if you are connected, so we use this drop-down menu to select Block.
    • Finally we press B to exit and that's it.

    Now, if our job is to disconnect completely, we also have the alternative of doing so, only to stop this mode is necessary:

    • Touch the button in the center of our remote so that it shows us the menu.
    • Proceed to press to the right of our D-pad to pass over the profile photo in order to get to Profile and System.
    • Then we select Settings.
    • Next we select General.
    • We proceed to select Red Configuration.
    • To finish we press Disconnect and that's it.

    Now that you know how to appear offline it's time to give it a try and see that it is possible to have fun like this in Xbox Series X / S.

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