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We invite you to discover How to solve a great loss of packages in this Xbox One explanatory guide.

When it comes to playing online in our Xbox One, it is possible that we will normally meet without problems, but sometimes it is possible that the servers can be prepared so that many players can crowd without any faults being present, only that is It is impossible that there are no errors at any time, in this guide we will deal specifically with how to solve a large loss of packages, just pay close attention to the content to be presented from now on.

What should we know about the loss of packets in the Xbox One?

The loss of packages is one of the precise problems with what we can find on this platform, which is generally going to be related to games that are going to depend on precise entries, this error causes that the updates of online games are not going to being able to reach the server, which will cause a loss of tickets and that causes a stutter or delay, the games that become the most affected are the shooting games, the loss of packages in them occurs when it comes to registering bullets , being something that will completely affect all games, even all platforms will be able to affect it, only that we will realize how many connection failures occur with the players.

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    How to fix big packet loss in Xbox One?

    We have 2 options to perform to solve this problem, the first thing to do is a complete reboot of our system, which will occur for the internal network card of our console and help the connection to be restored and will be stable with the games of the server, option 2, consists of restarting our router to which we have connected our system, the loss of packets is directly related to the network, in this way we can verify that the problem does not come from our personal configuration, in the event that the problem remains, we will only have to wait for the game servers to fix this problem, being the same picked up by the host server, since it is sure that this is aware that it needs repair, we just have to wait for it to be lost of package they solve it by themselves immediately.

    In this way we finish our guide to the Xbox One, now you know how to solve a great loss of packages and in the end we can continue enjoying online games.

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