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Xbox One: how to fix error codes

2020-02-19 14:07:27

In the content of this guide we will talk about how to fix error codes that appear in the Xbox One precisely.

Sometimes we can find some errors in our consoles, in the same way it happens in the Xbox One, we talk about error codes, this can lead us to feel frustration in different ways, but these occur due to something that came out of our control, they are Several types of these errors, to help us we have the content of this guide, its objective being to explain how to fix error codes, for this we must pay attention below.

What should we know about the error codes in Xbox One?

We will notice a reference code in our system when the error is presented, this is presented according to the severity of the error, it is very easy to be detected and an image that is shown as a reference to it is seen, in this console we find some that are Very common, we will see how to fix error codes for each possible case, if there are major problems we will have to make contact with Xbox Live support, we will have more concrete answers once we continue with this reading.

How to fix error codes in Xbox One?

To have the most comfortable answers we will have the possible errors that occur most frequently in the Xbox One and how to fix error codes in each of these cases below:

Network and Systems

If our error codes start with 80072, 87dd, 8007019, 8019019, they generally refer to network problems, in terms of broadcasting, which will lead us to review and make sure that our connection is secure, that there is no released from our router to the system we must verify, in the event that this connection is wireless, we have to perform a connection test with our system, we may have to restart our router, usually with doing this it can become more than enough To continue operating, our router brings with it some instructions to perform the restart of the same, it consists in many cases in which a 30-second power cycle is performed, turning off and on again.

In the Xbox One there is also an error code 0x87DD0006, if it is not related to the network, just as for the beginning of a session, here we must check the configuration to try again later, now for the code 8b050033 there is the possibility that we have to perform an update of the game, where it is impossible to recover it, which leads to a problem with the game server, so sometimes we must do this at another time, since it can even be that even the update not yet ready, let's continue with more solutions to fix error codes in the following case.

More serious problems

There are also other kinds of error codes in the Xbox One, which can become more problematic, even if we have to have our console repaired, there is a code for example that starts with E101, this is indicative of the possibility of having made a Update offline, if this is our case, we should seek help with Xbox Live Technical Support, they could give us the solution to this problem if we had to send our console.

We are in the same situation with the E203, directly related to the update and that in the same way as the previous case we must look for the similar solution, but if we were to run into the E100, solving how to fix error codes will be more complicated, this tells us that we even have our console damaged, in terms of updating and power outage, it is a rare code that we can find, but that we should contact the Xbox Support For repair, if we do not, our console will become unusable.

Different problems

If our error starts with E200 00000116, this is related to the installation of the game that we try to install, but there is no problem with our console, what we must do if this is the case is erase what is in the hardware and start of new installation, our connection has to be good not to run into the same, finally there is another error code 8000001f, present when we have problems with the Smartglass in Android, in relation to our device with the connection to the console, for this case, we have to be sure that both are in our Xbox account registered and configured for the connection, with the Xbox application normally, being sure that everything is fine, we must be able to connect, in the case of unforeseen error codes , we can say that it will be best to contact Xbox Live support.

We conclude with this guide on how to fix error codes in Xbox One knowing that there are many cases that exist in this regard and solutions that can be simple and difficult to deal with.

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