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Find out how to fix Oops! Looks like you're stranded ... on this excellent and self-explanatory guide to Xbox app.

What to know about Xbox app?

In order to keep in touch with friends, this special app for Windows and mobile devices is presented, with which you can buy, manage facilities and very useful when seeing the distance with the console, but there have been some problems lately wanting to use the app, then to see How to fix Oops! It seems that you are stranded ... we have the content of this guide that is presented below.

How to fix Oops! Looks like you're stranded ... at Xbox app?

As for how to fix Oops! It seems that you are stranded ... in Xbox app we have to follow some possible solutions and these are the following:
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    On Android or iOS

    • Update: on our mobile device we have to open the Xbox app, then we lower the screen so that the page can be refreshed, if it does not work, we close the application and re-enter.
    • Check the Xbox network: it is important to be sure that it is not a drop in service, if it is not, it may be a connectivity problem, so what we can do is wait for it to be resolved.
    • Reinstallation: in case there are no problems with Xbox Live and the services then we have to delete and download the application again, managing to solve How to fix Oops! It seems that you are stranded ... but if this is not effective we can wait awhile to see what happens to be able to use the application again.
    • Xbox's support: in case of having come to nothing with the possible solutions mentioned above, we can only contact Xbox support for technical assistance.

     On Windows PC

    • Restart: always the first thing we must do is a simple restart of our computer, with which the system will be refreshed, although there are few possibilities we have that the temporary data in the cache comes to be directly related to this type of errors in Xbox app, then we press on the Windows keyboard, we enter the power icon in the start menu, we choose to restart, and we wait for the process.
    • Xbox Network Status - Needed as to How to Fix Oops! It seems that you are stranded ... that we check the web page to know the status of the network, because it may be going through a service interruption, if so, you must wait a few hours to try to use the service again, but if they are ok we have to try other options.
    • Factory reset: on our computer what we will do is a process that is related to the cache data, for this we press Windows I to enter the Windows configuration, we click on applications, we look for applications and features, now we have to look for the application, to give in this we choose the advanced options, we will go down to the one that indicates restart, and we confirm it.

    This is all you need to know about how to fix Oops! Looks like you're stranded ..., it only remains to apply it and see if we can work again with the Xbox app.

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