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World of Warcraft: How to get the Vulpera Allied Race

2020-01-16 14:05:10

Our guide to World of Warcraft today leads us to provide details on how to obtain the Vulpera breed ally

One of the best options that can be included in World of Warcraft is undoubtedly the Allied races, because thanks to the expansion of Battle for Azeroth, we can play as one of the races of each faction, being specifically this one of the last details included at the end of the legion.

What is the Vulpera Allied race like in World of Warcraft?

With the latest patch 8.3.0, this game has been turned around, as this is where players have the option to take the Vulpera, or rather this type of race that is fox-like and is easily maintained by the Voldun regions in Zandlar, as players of the horde have the ability to create an Orc Mag'har, Tauren Highmountain, Nightbourne or a Zandalari troll.  The Vulpera is simply a race that is very similar in size to the Goblins, presenting a very useful racial skill set, here is the importance of knowing how to obtain the Vulpera ally race.

What are the Vulpera race skills in World of Warcraft?

In order to know How to obtain the Vulpera race ally it is necessary to know their skills and these are

+ The bag of tricks: this race skill allows us to take a chosen trick out of the bag and use it in order to attack the enemy or ally. It has a modification time of 1.5 minutes and there are two options.

1 when attacking the enemy this one suffers damage.

2, when using it against the ally this is healed.

+ Camping: There is only the possibility of camping in this place outdoors.

+ Stir your bag: It has an acceleration duration of 5 minutes and to change the content of our bag of tricks.

+ Return to camp: it takes exactly 1 hour, the only thing we have is exactly return to camp.

Passive racial skills:

+ Fire Resistance: With this skill we have the opportunity to reduce fire damage by 1 percent.

+ Nose for Trouble: With this skill the damage can be reduced by 5 percent tul level of life when we first take damage from an enemy.

+ Alpaca Saddlebags: This ability allows you to increase the size of your 8-slot backpack.

What are the targets we need to complete to unlock Vulpera in World of Warcraft?

The objectives are a series of actions that we must execute, because to know how to obtain the Vulpera ally race it is indispensable to unlock them, and they are

+ Completing the "Secrets in the Sands" achievement, which requires us to have completed the history of Vol'dun.

+ Gain an exalted reputation with the Voldunai.

+ Purchase the Battle of Azeroth Expansion.

+ Complete a special line of questioning with the Vulpera.

The minimum requirement is to fulfill the first 3 requirements, in order to have the possibility to meet with the Vulpera, because here we have an important objective and it is the fulfillment of a special mission, which aims to show us a little more about this race, so that it becomes like the other allied races.  To really achieve these requirements, is not a complicated job, because it should be noted that the progress towards these objectives we can do through the history of expansion, complete 4 missions with the resolution to achieve a further increase in reputation, through the offer of the emissary of the day.

With the culmination of these requirements, we are presented with the Allied Races, and the Vulpera, along with them we will have the Hyena Allied race mount, this tells us what we have unlocked and what will be available to us, this being an excellent option to use in Warcraft World.

Finally, knowing how to get the Vulpera ally race is an important goal, because with it we can get great things along the expansion in World of Warcraft.  

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