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World of Warcraft Classic: How To Reserve Your Character Name

2019-08-13 19:33:45

We have prepared a guide for you to know how to reserve your character name in the game World of Warcraft Classic.

Why is it important to reserve your character name in World of Warcraft Clasicc?

Let's start by saying that World of Warcraft Classic in a game that is very close to its launch, even last weekend the developers were doing the relevant tests and the Barrens chat remained active online so the players had the possibility of choose and reserve your character name in the game so it is interesting the category of the game as well as the slightly different characteristics, which include a little rare characteristics because the quality of life falls a bit so that the players They will be able to emphasize a good amount of actions to achieve the name of the desired characters, it is important that you know if you are a subscriber that you are up to date and on the play as of yesterday, August 12 in the afternoon has begun reserve your character name of your favorite in the game.

Exact date and time to start reserve your character name World of Warcraft Classic.

The exact date to reserve your character name  began yesterday, Monday, August 12, exactly after 3 p.m. and for more peace of mind, all participants have the possibility of creating up to a minimum of 3 characters for each active account they own. In Wow and having in them having the names before Wow Classic formalizes the world launch on August 26, it is also planned to be at 3 in the afternoon.

In the meantime it is important to know that there is a list of initiated worlds and that it has been incorporated into the World of Warcraft Classic game which offers us the possibility to meet with colleagues and talk about increasing the level of a PvP server, Normal or RP, of course this can happen later, for this it is important that they manage to change to Classic and select the server as well as the name of the character that you have chosen after yesterday afternoon, what is clear is that it is an excellent bonus that will get the Subscribers who remain active, as this wow classic is manifested, it will be possible to observe the highly attractive according to the number of participants in the World of Warcraft Classic game, what is relevant that you keep in mind is to keep abreast of the next weeks so that you can consolidate in the strategies and news that can be generated while giving the world launch of this game that is giving a lot what to talk about.

In general terms we can only wait for the big day, and that is really very close since the release date of World of Warcraft Classic and you can already subscribe to reserve your character name in the game, so the wait will be worth it .

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