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World of Warcraft Classic: How to play - Beginner’s Guide

2019-08-13 16:15:32

We know that at the end of this month as some years ago, everyone will play World of Warcraft Classic, and through this Beginner's Guide we will show you how to play

As we all know World of Warcraft is an MMORPG version of Blizzard Entertainment, it was released with version 1.12.1. Currently it is presented with its name World of Warcraft Classic and within a few days you can enjoy this game to the fullest, for this we prepare this beginner's guide, unfortunately it will not have convenient functions or a mission tracker. During its beta test in the forums of the players it is clarified that we are errors what is presented in the game but own characteristics.

 Can my PC play World of Warcraft Classic

 We have good news since the requirements to play are very simple, through this beginner's guide we will explain how to install and be able to play World of Warcraft Classic, you need Windows 7 and its latest Service Packs installed and the 64-bit version, AMD Radeon HD 4850 51 MB or Intel HD Graphics 4000, you need 2 GB of RAM or an integrated graphics card, with NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 mb video card, the hard disk space to install World of Warcraft Classic is 5 GB.

 As for the keyboard you should not worry about having an integrated graphics card and 4 GB of RAM any keyboard should work without problems, you will need broadband internet to be able to play without problems since it is an online game. You must also have a monitor with 1024 x 768 screen, a mouse, does not allow more input devices, with those mentioned is enough to run World of Warcraft Classic.

 How to install World of Warcraft Classic

 Before starting the installation process of World of Warcraft Classic, you must have an active account in World of Warcraft this account does not require any additional payment, if you already have the account activated just follow the steps of this simple beginner's guide where we explain how to install it first run the Battle.net application on the desktop, then in World of Warcraft, on the play button you will see a drop-down menu the word version will appear and you select World of Warcraft Classic, if you have more active accounts it will also show a menu drop-down where you can choose the account you want to play with. Then press the install button, once the installation is complete the Play button will be displayed, you can enjoy the game.

How to play World of Warcraft Classic

 If you already know how to play WoW you can skip the start section, if you are new you will be curious to know the types of kingdoms before starting. And in beginner's guide we tell you how. In World of Warcraft Classic, once you start your trip you have to choose a server to play, usually the servers have a type of kingdom with the style of play with a single acronym or word.

 Here we explain in a simple way in this beginner's guide the types of kingdoms in World of Warcraft Classic, in normal mode somewhere between a PvP and PvE server, all areas in this kingdom are in dispute, this means that you must mark yourself to participate in a PvP environment, but if you are in an enemy city it will be automatically marked.

 In the case of player versus player, PvP Kingdom servers allow PvP, this means that any player of the enemy fraction can be involved in a PvP environment without any warning, the starting areas are the only ones safe in the PvP servers.

 In role play (RP) the servers are for players who only want to play their character, in these RPs they have a normal set of rules, which means that you must mark yourself to be available in the PvP scenarios. In the case of player-to-player role play (RP PvP) in this case the servers are equal to those of RP, except for the set of rules, this means that the PvP is active.

 The players of World of Warcraft Classic, will have available a variety of options for the creation of characters, with different races and classes, in this case for WoW Classic Worgen, Draenei, Goblins, Pandaren and Blood Elf, they cannot be played because they were added after Vanilla WoW, the Monk, Demon Hunter and Death Knight classes will not be available. All well explained in this beginner's guide

Which classes, races, alliance, Horde, weapons present in World of Warcraft Classic

 Thanks to this beginner's guide you can meet them, here is a breakdown: First you must check the skills or traits of each race as there are suitable races only for specific classes. Among the classes and races of the Horde we have: Tauren: Hunter, Shaman, Druids, Warrior. Undead: magician, priest, rogue, sorcerer, warrior. Orcs: shaman, warrior, hunter, rogue, sorcerer. Trolls: rogue, shaman, warrior, hunter, wizard, priest.

 It is important to know that depending on the race you decide to start World of Warcraft Classic determines the starting area. There are races that have its capital city of Alliances and Hordes that you should know next, Hordes: Trolls Start zone: Durotar. Capital City: Orgrimmar. Tauren Start zone: Mulgore. Capital city: Thunder Bluff. Orcs Starting area: Durotar. Capital City: Orgrimmar. Living Dead. Start zone: Claros de Tirisfal. Capital City: Undercity. Alliances: Dwarves: Start zone: Dun Morogh. Capital City: Ironforge. Humans: Start zone: Ewynn forest. Capital city: Stormwind. Night elves: Start zone: Teldrassil. Capital city: Darnassus. Gnomes: Start zone: Dun Morogh. Capital City: Ironforge.

 In World of Warcraft Classic you will gain new skills depending on the class you choose as you advance, something very important that you should know is that to obtain skills and level up you must visit the class trainers in the capital city.

 It is important that you know through this beginner's guide the alliances of careers and classes, these are: Gnomes: Magician, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior. Night Elves: Druid, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Warrior. Humans: magician, paladin, priest, rogue, sorcerer, warrior. Dwarves: Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warrior.

 Now once you reach level 10 in World of Warcraft Classic you can have the option of assigning talent tree points, this is something new for the players that were left in 2014. When you reach level 60 which is the limit of the game you must have a total of 51 points, and you can distribute them among 3 different talent trees, with this you determine the role you will play when you enter the dungeons or assaults.

 What weapons does World of Warcraft Classic have

 In this case, weapons are essential for their performance in World of Warcraft Classic, when you are in combat, when you use a specific type of weapons you will be more skilled and have better benefits. You should know that certain classes are more competent with some specific weapons so it is recommended to use them from the beginning. Otherwise you should visit a weapons master in his Capital City to teach you how to use them.

Here in this beginner's guide we present some weapons available in the WoW Classic game: you can count on: Axes of a hand, Crossbows, Daggers, One-handed maces, Guns, Two-handed maces, Two-handed swords, Bows, One-handed swords, Polearms, among others that you will discover in the game.

 You can also find professions in WoW Classic that are very important for you to learn to make the most of your armor and weapons. There are several primary professions and you can choose 2 for your training. Some of these are: Alchemy, Engineering, Leatherworking, Skinning, Blacksmithing among others.

 It also has 3 secondary skills that you can learn in World of Warcraft Classic these are: Cooking, fishing and first aid, you have no restrictions to learn them all if you wish.

 As you can see in this beginner's guide there are many changes in the quality of life in World of Warcraft Classic, and in this new version it deals with pairing and getting players to join a dungeon or a raid. So if you want to find people to join in a dungeon or raid you must do so using the channel search group as before. To summon the player to the Dungeon you need a sorcerer and use the skill. You also need 2 additional members of the group and a soul fragment to execute, if you don't, you will have to wait until they get to where you are.

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