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Wolfenstein: Youngblood How to beat Lothar Boss

2019-08-01 18:28:12

We have prepared a small guide for you to learn to beat Lothar Boss at Wolfenstein Youngblood.

To beat Lothar Boss in Wolfenstein Youngblood it is first important that you know where he comes from and that Lothar is the son of a well-known politician and a famous actress, on the other hand he is sufficiently guarded with a very good armor, with some similarity to who owns winkler at the beginning because he possesses a certain amount of excellent powers.

Small details that we must keep in mind to beat Lothar Boss in Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Let's start by clarifying that the fight with Lothar takes place in the upper part of the tower we will have in the first instance to fight against him in 2 small rings, the first fight you hold is simple in general terms you only need to shoot ammunition with the power of the key God, of course, he will also try to shoot you but in reality it is not much, on the other hand in the second fight that you have if it is a little more complex, for this we recommend that the shared lives keep them as complete as possible because when you reach this moment You will need the fight to fight Lothar because the fight is strong in Wolfenstein Youngblood, because the way to fight with Lothar is as long as it is in the air since it will attack with missiles.

What can we do to beat Lothar Boss in Wolfenstein Youngblood?

The enemies will also arrive from the elevators once Lothar takes enough damage.

One of the options to beat Lothar Boss is to make him fall for it.It is important that you update the assault rifle and ensure that it can be used in a single-shot weapon, and incidentally that it is accurate, since your enemy is Quick.

Once you have managed to make it fall the only way you have to start the fight with your opponent is by approaching the floor of the place you have knocked down, the tower specifically because that is where you will have the battle at Wolfenstein Youngblood and you will also opt for complete the health that you lack as well as ammunition, in that sense tracking it will be complicated enough for you so it is better to use the simplest option for you, fight against Lothar on the catwalks of the upper part because if you arrive for any circumstance to stay on the catwalks below the contest will really be very complicated for you and will make winning Lothar difficult.

We are in the tower because this is our combat ring and this fight is really strong enough because the key of God at this point does not give any utility, since, our adversary has chosen here to use a laser cannon and not happy with That seeks to eliminate us with a submachine gun, so we have only to use our electrokraftwerk weapon and we will also have to do everything possible to protect ourselves as much as we can because as its objective is to exterminate it, it will do what it deems necessary to achieve it and even treat to seek air help, and you must be prepared so that you know where to protect yourself, sincerely this battle is maintained for a moderately long period of time so you have to make all possible shots to attack him with everything you have against him and finally beat Lothar Boss.

Finally we hope this guide is useful and you can beat Lothar Boss with ease and continue enjoying the excellent game Wolfenstein Youngblood, to play!

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