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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem: stats guide

2020-02-11 15:01:29

On this occasion we will bring a Wolcen Lords of Mayhem guide, talking about the statistics guide with all the details.

Why are statistics important in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem?

  In Wolcen Lords of Mayhem they will be of great value to have the best statistics, this is because they will be the key to success in our struggles throughout the game, there are many factors, among which are the attacks, including the speed with which we will perform These, the creation of our character must cover the fundamental parameters for the battle, so we have to highlight the following statistics guide that will be presented in the following well explained content.

statistics guide in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem


 Agility Statistics

 The agility brings influence in the attacks and defense, so having a high score in this statistic will be to have a balance when it comes to keeping us alert and looking for battles, it is a great factor to consider, in addition 3 statistics will be affected for agility and are the following:

 Spell Casting Speed ​​Punctuation: The faster the spell casting speed of our character, the more frequent opportunities we have to cause damage to the opponents we face.

 The Dodge Score: Without depending on the defense we have, with a high score our chances of dodging an attack will increase, without depending so much on the armor we have.

 The Attack Speed ​​Score: The speed of our attack will be decisive if your score is high, more frequently we can use our weapon against our opponents.


 Ferocity Statistics


 Of all the statistics guide this will be the first we will have on the sheet of our character, with this we will be able to cause critical damage to our opponents with greater force, as long as we have greater ferocity it will be like this, we have that in relation to this there are 3 statistics and are:

 Critical Attack Opportunity: Add to the attack opportunity that our character already possesses additionally so that they increase their chances of success in a critical attack by hitting any opponent

 Spelled score of critical opportunity: We have that with this statistics the spells we cast will be more likely to strike a critical blow to our opponents.

 Health regeneration: The importance of this is that the greater the regeneration, the more points we can recover from the health of our character.


 Wisdom Statistics


 This has the function of the ability to resist against other spells and attack them to perform it against our opponents, say we have the cold spell, with this we have many possibilities to freeze the opponent in a single attack due to High score of this statistic in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, it has several statistics that are related to each other and are:

 Punctuation of the attack condition: If we have a magical condition in our weapon we will be able to cause damage and additional effects to our opponent.

 Punctuation of ailment spells: In the same way as in the previous case, it will determine the magic effects caused by any of our spells where we can cause our opponents to cause extra damage.

 Resistance of the disease states: We will have less chance to receive any damage from specific magic attacks if our resistance score remains high.

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