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We will find in this article the solution that will help us in How to install the optional Switch update in The Witcher 3.

  It is a surprise that The Witcher 3 is on the Switch, even that the fact that improvements are being made for the optimal operation of this game on this platform, we certainly encounter some problems in terms of resolution and frame rate, It is certain that we will have improvements in this regard, so we can find that it is good that we know how to install the optional update of Switch, where it is possible to help us in some solution, for them we follow the content that comes now
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    What is the optional update in The Witcher 3?

     To improve the performance we have to update 3.4 to do it, it is sure that we need it to improve the game, although it is optional it is ideal that we have it to have improvements in our benefit, the update is true that it is available even at same time of exit of the game, but the existence was unknown by many of us, so since it is not downloaded automatically it is possible that for that reason it was unknown by many, to know more let's move on.

     How to install the optional Switch update in The Witcher 3?

     In the game we have the start screen, here we will open the options menu with the button, then here we will choose where it says software update, in this way the check will be carried out by the internet network regarding update 3.4 if it is available, we are going to download and install it, the improvements that it should bring is in terms of the graphics of the game, it will also work on the speed of the frames ending the delays, about 3 GB is the weight of this update, according to our speed From the internet it will take time to download, the subtitles may be the only setback we may go through, according to some users, who once downloaded the update are not in English, this update is officialized as optional, but it is not understood by what, the good thing is that through this method it is possible to see if some updates will appear in the future, since it is possible that they can hide in The servers some of these.

     We have reached the end of this article, in which the main explanation of How to install the optional Switch update in The Witcher 3, we hope that with these responses our readers are satisfied and that it will be very useful.

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