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Windbound brings us action and survival which leads us to know how to get crude metal, let's see.

What is the crude metal in Windbound?

  This is an interesting and very useful resource in crafts, because with it it is possible to make some vital necessary objects either for our boat or simply to protect ourselves, getting it can become something complex, because on the one hand there is the need to have some adequate tools that we obviously do not have, on the other hand it is necessary to take a look at the bottom of the islands, which puts us in severe problems but somehow we have to get it because it will be vital for our survival.
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    How to get raw metal in Windbound?

     Completing this game without this material could be an option being in the survival difficulty mode that we can select well when we start, however having this material can definitely make things a bit less complicated, since we will have the opportunity to develop some of these useful tools:


    •  Craft a Metal Helmet Armor using 2 crude Metal.
    • Make a Metal Furnace using 2 crude metal.
    • Make an armored bag using 2 raw metal.
    • Craft Metal Helmet Spikes using 2 crude Metal.
    • Craft a Wooden Chest using 1 crude Metal.


     Exploring the islands is simply our task, but this is not as simple as described, because the panorama looks complex, when we arrive we notice some objects in the shape of a rectangle and gray in color, that is where this material will be, so it is vital to remove it from these places, so we will see ourselves in the task of hitting to break these deposits that each contain a piece of crude metal, the advantage is that we can get several simultaneously because they are usually relatively close to each other and when hitting we will get at least about 7, on the other hand the necessary tool to hit is the hammer, so when we embark on its search we prepare with this tool and we will only go to the island of swamps where there are sharp rocks, some number of dead trees and a lot of fog to search for our valuable resource.

     This is everything you need to know about How to get crude metal, it is just a matter of navigating a little and preparing for an exploration task in Windbound, in the end it is vital to do it.

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