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Where is the Mountain top cactus wedge in Fortnite Fortbyte 81

2019-05-15 22:52:25

Season 9 is still running and when you start you will remember that Fortbytes arrived.

But this doesn't end there, since that first Fortbytes arrived they have been dating 1 newspaper in a specific area of ​​the map. We're already in the Fortbyte 81, it's accessible during the day and is in the Mountain top cactus wedge in Fortnite.

This is one of the 100 that will be available throughout the season. If you manage to get all of them you will be able to unlock an image where several secrets of this Fortnite season are shown.

Fortnite Fortbyte #81 "Near a Mountain Top Cactus Wedge" Location

But then where is the  Mountain top cactus wedge in Fortnite with the Fortbyte 81.

Before starting your search for Fortyte 81 in Fortnite, you should keep in mind that you can only find it during the day so at night discard your search and play during the day to appear.

As you already know, it's near the   Mountain top cactus wedge at Fortnite. So you'll have to move to the desert biome.

The exact location of the  Mountain top cactus wedge you want to go to find Fortbyte 81 is near Paradise Palms.

When you're around you should see a couple of  Mountain top cactus wedge near Paradise Palms, head over there and you'll see Fortbyte 81 sitting near the ledge.