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Searches are usually necessary, and therefore we will tell you Where is Brooklyn in BitLife.

Why put Brooklyn in BitLife?

Because this is an important place in the game, although it is true that it is one of the places where we can be born, it is also true that reaching it may not be very easy, however, it is necessary to move to this place, this in the midst of a world full of challenges and decisions that we must make, our whole life is usually kept busy as it usually happens in reality, we are born, we grow, we decide what we want, etc.

Where is Brooklyn in BitLife?

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    • We must press the icon of three horizontal lines at the top of the right side of the screen to select New life.
    • Then, we open the Country option and click on the United States in the options that are usually listed
    • We proceed to select the arrow in the upper corner on the left side of the screen, and we will open the Cities option in this menu.
    • We must click on Brooklyn in the options listed and that's it.

    It is good to know that the country and city options are usually listed in alphabetical order, this allows you to find them more easily, in the same way, it should be noted that there is the possibility of creating your own personalized city to be born, in the event that the city can Being considerable unavailable, it is necessary to take care of waiting until an update can arise.

    Note: no matter what choice we make, Brooklyn is always the first city we play in.

    In this sense, knowing Where is Brooklyn in BitLife offers us the opportunity to launch ourselves in a necessary search, try it.

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