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Watch Dogs Legion is a very busy game and today it will take us to discover How to surrender.

What to know about Watch Dogs Legion?

Throughout the game it is possible to do many things, ranging from recruiting to having to give up on some occasions, certainly the approach that is taken is presented in London and the fact that it has been dominated by a group of terrorists, with The purpose of rescuing the city can be presented to us some scenarios that need us to know how to surrender and for this we have the support of the following content.

How to surrender at Watch Dogs Legion?

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    We will have this option at the end of a fight already lost, while it is being played in the permeable mode of the game, considering the options that will be presented between fighting or surrendering, we must press the L1 or Xbox One on the PS4 the LB, in this way one surrenders, considering how broad recruitment turns out to be for the game, it is ideal to comment on how limited in terms of the amount of operations we can have in a team, so sometimes these can be left die but it is also appropriate to continue fighting, by choosing to surrender our operative will go to jail, which would then be like letting them be released automatically, but if we choose to fight death awaits the operative, which opens a space to recruit a New NPC.

    Knowing how to give up is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Watch Dogs Legion.

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