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Watch Dogs Legion: How to attack

2020-10-15 09:00:00

Today we bring you a Watch Dogs Legion guide where we will explain how to attack.

What to know about Watch Dogs Legion?

Mainly we are before a game that its main focuses are on hacking, puzzles and being more hidden, there are few things to learn if we talk about punches, but with some fundamentals such as punching combos, kicks, dodging it is possible to have a good fight , this is possible to do in the boxing ring that is in the DedSec headquarters, here it is possible to add this kind of skills, since we will meet some enemies who have great qualities in this, now to know how to attack, let's help each other with the following content.

How to attack in Watch Dogs Legion?

Just by pressing the X we will be able to hit any enemy, but if we do it 3 times we will see how 2 blows are combined with a kick, it is certainly highly effective when used with weak enemies, there are some that will be able to block us, so it is necessary that its guard is broken, what we will do is use the Y to hit it with one of our knees, breaking the enemy's defense, if after this we combine the X button we will make the attacks in a combined way.

We must consider the fact of being able to dodge, since the strength of some of the enemies that we will face will be able to hit us very often, if we dodge we can avoid them and when he stops his attacks we will be well positioned to return them, to dodge we must press B, taking into account that it is feasible the instant that the enemy attacks, if we do it correctly the enemy is actually stopped and we can attack him with the X, which allows us to stun the enemy, even several times by pressing this button we can give many blows and in the end we will make him fall.

In this way we finalize our Watch Dogs Legion guide, now you know how to attack, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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